Manitoba Marathon canceled due to soaring heat

The Manitoba Marathon has been canceled and runners are being asked to turn around due to the sweltering heat.

Marathon organizers on-site confirmed the marathon had been canceled as of 8 am this morning. Runners were being asked to turn around and head back to IG Field.

“A collective decision made in consultation with the Manitoba Marathon medical team and our executive director was made to ensure the safety of our runners and volunteers,” a statement from organizers posted on Facebook reads.

It comes as parts of the province deal with an extreme heat wave.

The City of Winnipeg, along with the rest of southern Manitoba, is under a heat warning from Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC). The warning says the hottest temperatures will ne felt Sunday, with daytime highs hitting the mid to upper 30s, with humidex values ​​over 40.

“Along with the heat, very humid conditions will also develop for many areas today. Dew point temperatures in the upper teens or low twenties will combine with the heat to produce humidex values ​​in the 40 to 45 range today,” the warning reads.

“In Winnipeg, where the Manitoba Marathon is scheduled to take place today, humidex values ​​will likely climb into the 35 to 40 range by 10 AM and could exceed 40 by noon.”

The ECCC warning said the ‘sweltering air mass’ will last into Monday.

-with files from CTV’s Zach Kitchen

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