Manchester City announce the signing of Haaland

Manchester City has officially announced “an agreement in principle” with Borussia Dortmund for the signing of Earling Haland, the 21-year-old Norwegian striker. The English club has confirmed that pact with the German team, but has not wanted to give any figures of that operation, pending specifying the details of it with the footballer.

Haland was, along with Mbappe, the scorer of Paris SG, the jewels in the crown of the transfer market. But not even the summer has arrived and City gives Pep Guardiola the striker he so much demanded. He was unable to sign harry kanethe Tottenham player last summer, but has taken the young Norwegian.

City can assume the enormous economic investment that his hiring supposes since between payment of the clause to Dortmund (60 million euros plus 10 in variables, commissions to player and family, superior to 50 million, and his salary, around at 30 annual net) shoots above Barça’s possibilities. Madrid also wanted Haaland, but has prioritized the bet on Mbappé.

At the Camp Nou, there were no real options to sign Haaland, despite the fact that both Xavi and Jordi Cruyff, a member of the Barça club’s technical secretariat, traveled to Munich to seduce him with the sports project. But the Norwegian has chosen to work with Guardiola, who from next season will have the ‘nine’ he had been looking for for years.

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“They have asked me not to say anything until it is done,” the City coach had said, hours before his club made one of the most important transfers of this summer market official, which has not even started. “Dortmund and City have told me that I can’t talk about it because of a legal issue. We’ll talk later,” Guardiola had commented.

From now on you can do it. You already have your star striker. The same one that Madrid wanted, but in the end he couldn’t convince him to stay one more year in Germany before going to the Bernabéu. The same that Laporta intended to promote the reconstruction of Barça. But he had no money to sign him.

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