Management of the two-time championship: income for the continental goal

In the volume of the Atlas FC history book, the economic chapter from 2019 to 2022, it has the watershed of how sporting success triggered the new financial face of the club. The Rojinegro team preaches the Grupo Orlegi doctrine: to establish processes, structure and infrastructure and it does so in a context in which the titles were given quickly, but even so, the times of transformation must be respected, a word that has been an emblem.

It was 70 years of a sleeping giant, of a Mexican club that generated culture, tradition and regional counterweight for editions of Clásico Guadalajara.

Today they have a two-time championship, growth in income, revaluation of assets and plans to rejuvenate physical areas such as the Jalisco stadium, of which they are not sole owners. The Aga Academy that shines in an area of ​​7 hectares, is the High Performance Center that bets on the generation of talents with the identity of the club.

Three years ago, José Riestra was chosen by the president of the Orlegi Group Board of Directors, Alejandro Irraragorri, to take the highest responsibility for the club and after winning the Clausura 2022 title, he explained to El Economista what should be ready before betting on the weight continental, a dream with a relative time. For now, their definition of Atlas FC as a business unit is as follows:

“The club has taken center stage, it has more and more relevance in terms of contribution to the income it generates and with more strength. It was something that we as a Group (Orlegi) have well identified, we knew that Atlas had great potential, but as long as its entire structure did not change, it was difficult to generate higher income. Now the club, through the bi-championship, is taking on that relevance to continue with growth and better sporting results”.

How do you see the route for a greater weight in the continent?

“It is relative, it can be six months or a year. We won the two-time championship and if we later do the four-time championship, that consolidation will surely come faster, but taking firm steps. In a few months we will announce the opening of the Aga Academy that will serve as a High Performance Center to continue with the development of basic forces and the women’s team, and that will bring us greater income generation and position us among the first teams to Latin American level.

Today in terms of income, the Atlas will be the eighth or tenth (with respect to the rest of the Liga MX teams). In terms of payroll, Atlas is between sixth and eighth and we are convinced that this team could be the fifth in income generation in Mexican soccer.”

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