Management for the pressure of the Mexican National Team

In the last corner of the Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifying, the Mexican National Team comes from a tightrope walk. As a team or organization, they have lost their balance in the sporting aspect and in their management as a business unit.

The complicated ticket to the World Cup has triggered reactions of disapproval from fans, doubts about the decisions made at the desk regarding players and positions, and echoes of #FueraTata #GritaPuto #MexicosinMundial have also been heard in stadiums and social networks.

The homophobic cry has been a shadow of the stands with a Mexican presence since the process towards Russia 2018; FIFA has sanctioned and fined the Mexican Football Federation. Since 2022, measures have been imposed to identify fans with personal and biometric data, which in turn invades the field of information protection. The landscape looks chaotic.

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