Man arrested for wielding hammer in park and breaking bus stop glass – Winnipeg police


Officers with the Winnipeg Police Service arrested a 44-year-old man Tuesday, claiming he wielded a hammer in a park and then proceeded to break glass at a bus stop.

The incident began around 2:15 pm, when officers were called to Air Canada Park because a man was yelling “erratically” and wielding a hammer. Officials say that several people in the area left for their safety.

Police said the suspect then went to Portage Avenue and Donald Street, where he allegedly broke glass at a bus stop, forcing people to flee the area again.

Officers said the man then went to a nearby hotel, struck a security guard with the hammer, and then left.

Police found the suspect, detained him and confiscated his weapon. Nobody was hurt in the incident.

Charles Raymond Holke, 44, has been charged with assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon and mischief of less than $ 5,000.


Then a few hours later, police were called into a separate incident at a mall in the 1500 block of Regent Avenue, just before 6 p.m.

Police were informed that a man attempted to rob a store and threatened staff with pepper spray.

Soon after, officers found the suspect in a nearby restaurant and detained him.

Police investigated and alleges that the man tried to leave a store with stolen items, but was confronted by a security guard who recovered the merchandise.

Officers said the suspect pointed a can of bear spray at the security guard and then escaped. The suspect did not discharge any aerosols and the security guard was not injured.

Dakin David Pykerman, 32, has been charged with robbery, possession of a weapon and breach of the conditions of a release order.

The two suspects in these incidents were arrested. Neither charge in either incident has been proven in court.

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