‘Mamarazzis’ say: pink corruption and masks in Madrid

  • In the second weekly article of ‘Mamarazzis’ for EL PERIÓDICO, Lorena Vázquez talks about the seizure of assets from Luis Medina for the alleged collection of millionaire commissions for the purchase of medical supplies in the midst of a pandemic and Ortega Cano’s eyebrow graft

From golden bachelor to alleged swindler. The alleged collection of millionaire commissions by Luis Medina, public figure for being the son of the Duke of Feria and the model Naty Abascal, is bringing queue. All the media, the pink and the less colorful, have echoed this week the Anticorruption investigation of some contracts with the Madrid City Council to buy medical supplies in the midst of a pandemic.

For now, the Marquis of Villalba – yes, you can hallucinate. There are still people who inherit titles of nobility in 2022 – they have publicly acknowledged that they received the million euros attributed to them. Of course, it downplays it and ensures that it is the normal commission that an intermediary usually receives in these cases, 8% of the contract. Lawful or not, the guy has given him a nose that he steps on and ethics passed it through the lining when he contacted the City Council, taking advantage of the desperation and urgency in the need for masks, gloves and covid tests, and He made believe along with his partner, Alberto Luceño, that they were experts on the subject.

soap opera

Excessive cost overruns, low quality of the material sold and its earnings squandered on a yacht and other luxury goods that he judge in the case has already seized. This week everything has come to light and promises to be one of the soap operas of the moment. The complaint has been admitted for processing and The marquesito is accused of false documents, fraud and money laundering due to irregularities in the already famous operation. If Medina’s contact was a cousin, brother or neighbor of the Mayor of Madrid, we leave it to the experts.

His mother, ex-girlfriends and childhood friends are being questioned by street reporters about it. For now, she shut her up for an answer. But, be patient, some testimony will soon come out to add more mud to the matter. Because there is, there is.

When the pink universe mixes with the judicial planet, the world of the ‘mamarazzis’ sets its machinery in motion to gather information and contribute its necessary grain of sand to the story. Blessed asphalt reporters who patrol the streets, thank you.

Oh Medina! From starring on covers and pages of coated paper, you have gone straight to those of the penal code. Something similar happened to the bullfighter Ortega Cano, but he ended up in prison due to a fatal traffic accident.

Ortega Cano disfigured

This time, José Ortega Cano has been in the news again and his problems with Justice have nothing to do with it, fortunately for him. The husband of Ana María Aldón has been the protagonist of the most impressive images of the gossip magazines this week. Why? Because she has been seen with the face made a map.

A eyebrow graft has been the guilty of his new and battered image. After spending more than five hours in the operating roomOrtega left the clinic with a disfigured, bruised face covered in bandages. Yes, an eyebrow graft, you read correctly. Intervention sponsored by a renowned aesthetic center in Madrid. And while Ortega Cano underwent this curious aesthetic touch-up, his partner was promoting in Barcelona and advertised a brand of gazpacho of which it is the image.

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The ex-fruit eater, now a designer, has enjoyed a few days of relaxation in Barcelona and, after attending the media at the Food Fair, she could be seen and photographed, in such emblematic places of the city as the Sagrada Familia or the neighborhood of l’ Eixample. The new media star He also took advantage of his stay to take an express pastry course at the La Barca de Monistrol restaurant, where he also tasted one of his legendary rice dishes.

Ana María ended up recognizing to the journalists who the new image of her husband had also impacted her to her: “Oh, I was also impressed, I still can’t even see it & rdquor ;.

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