‘Mamarazzis’ say: María del Monte was never in a closet

  • Laura Fa, half of the ‘Mamarazzis’ tandem, which she forms with Lorena Vázquez, applauds the normality with which the artist has spoken about her partner

Seville kicked off its celebration of the LGBTI+ pride all the way up Maria del Monte fShe was the absolute protagonist of the day.

The singer acknowledged that she has been in a relationship for 23 years with Immaculate House: wow! “I want you to know that I am one more person than those of us who are here,” declared Maria del Monte.

The stage nearly fell over. The Sevillians went crazy and the social networks applauded the tonadillera. But it was not a surprise. His sexual orientation surprises no one. In her daily life she has never hidden. We journalists have always seen Immaculate by Mary’s side. Everything was much more normalized than it seemed. Maria, in her daily life, was much freer than the headlines these days reflect. Everyone highlights her act as an ‘out of the closet’ (what an old phrase, by God!), But what Maria did this Thursday was much more than that, it was an act of love.

Maria was never in a closet, in your private sphere he did not hide his girlfriend. What the singer wanted is to give her partner the place he deserves and publicly acknowledged: “I have the love of my life, I have been lucky enough to find the love of my life.” We know that the road has not been easy.

They have known each other since childhood

Inma Casal and María del Monte met when they were girls, at school. And when they were older they were part of the same group of friends. Immaculate married and had two children and Maria, other couples. He has never talked about them and I don’t know if there was already some kind of attraction between them in those years. But the time of the special friendship between Isabel Pantoja and María del Monte arrived. It is one of the most succulent issues in the history of the heart press of our country.

The photographs taken by Diego Arrabal of the two tonadilleras playing on the beach they are iconic. The two singers shared trips, vacations and family for a few years, but they never confirmed that they were girlfriends. Nowadays it seems like a no-brainer, but since neither of them has explained it, we will continue to call them ‘friends’. Their friendly relationship lasted a few years. and the reasons for the breakup have always been unknown. We have only known the obvious, that they never spoke to each other again and that There has been a very bad vibe between the two.

Let’s shed a little light, if that’s possible. One day, talking to one of María del Monte’s nephews (let me not reveal her name), I asked him: “Why did Pantoja and your aunt stop being friends? & Rdquor ;. He replied: “My aunt fell madly in love with a journalist from Canal Sur. Gorgeous. That’s why they ended so badly & rdquor ;.

Wow, now everything fits. So, according to the closest circle, María del Monte fell in love with another woman and that is why she stopped being friends with Pantoja. Was that other woman Immaculate? She can be. For many years there have been speculations with different theories of the end of this friendship between them. What if rumors of infidelity, what if a robbery, what if a fight.

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Kiko Rivera He even went so far as to explain that the two fought over a house. He always focusing on economics. But no one gave more details. Charo Vega, in a ‘Deluxe’, did explain that Pantoja had a very bad time at that time. “I agreed with Pantoja, if it’s how she told & rdquor ;, assured Charo, but he did not go further.

On July 8, Isabel Pantoja will be at the Madrid Pride festivities. He will not talk about María del Monte, or any of his relationships. The question now is whether the singer will act like her ex-friend and she will take advantage of her situation to free herself once and for all. I wish.

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