Alberto and Charlene separate. Rumors of a crisis between Alberto and Charlene de Monaco have been constant since the day they got married. It was already talked about at the time that she was about to run away and not celebrate the marriage. But she endured. The princess gave in and became from that day on the wife of Prince Albert and the saddest princess of all European monarchies, with the permission of Lady Di. Now, eleven years after the ‘yes I want’, it has been the magazine ‘Voici’ (the French ‘Hello’) that has announced the separation of the couple. Well, they don’t call it separation. The weekly plays with euphemisms and explains that Charlene will lead an ‘independent life’ from her husband with regularized presence in the principality. That is, he will live in Switzerland and will only travel to Monaco to visit his children and to work for the crown. The details of this independent life are being finalized but at the moment it is known that Charlene will receive 12 million euros a year and that it will be obliged to attend certain official events (national holidays, gala balls, major sporting events,…). Why do they use euphemisms? Because the royal houses live mainly on their image. It already happened in Spain with the “temporary cessation of coexistence” between the Infanta Elena and Marichalar or the “irruption of the marriage relationship” between the Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarín. It is a way of gradually preparing the people to avoid damage to the institution.

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And if all the royal houses take maximum care of their public image, in the Principality of Monaco take control of the press to the maximum. Does anyone wonder why there are no more images or more monitoring of Charlene? She has been missing for a year and a half and we have heard practically nothing. Can anyone imagine that Letizia was untraceable for a year and a half? Or that Kate Middleton lived alone for two years in the Conchinchina? The Daily Mail, the BBC and the Commonwealth are down. It is unthinkable. In Monaco it is something else. It is the most opaque monarchy in all of Europe. Charlene has been out of the media spotlight for almost three years. He first settled in South Africa and later took up residence in Switzerland. The control exercised by the Grimaldi in the media means that neither more details nor more images of her are leaked.

One of the best paparazzi in our country tells me that it is very difficult to work in Monaco. Photographers cannot go down the street and stand guard over the royal family. Well, they can only if the protagonists feel like it or are interested. If Estefanía wanted to look gorgeous in some photos on the beach, she only had to talk to the agency that usually photographed her and et voilà! Cool reportage in the magazines. No surprises. There are no more options in Monaco. If photographers decide to work outside the established control, they can face a lawsuit for harassment, be immediately expelled from the country or, much worse, be denied accreditation in all acts. Bluntly, in Monaco there is no freedom of the press, at least in the heart.

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talking about menstruation

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During these years, Chenoa, Sara Sálamo, Beth Rodergas and Marta Pombo have spoken openly who have suffered endometriosis. All of them have helped to give visibility to a disease suffered by 1 in 10 women. Because sometimes the rule becomes a disease. This week menstrual health has been on everyone’s lips, even those who don’t know how disabling it can be on some occasions. Women will be able to access three days off work if menstruation is painful. The controversy is served.

A lots of of the familiar faces from this country they have positioned themselves against. We will not quote them. So that. As well as advice, whoever does not bleed for five days from any of his orifices and whoever is not able to empathize, leave social networks aside. Go against a labor right just because you are not one of the beneficiaries is another symptom of the most recalcitrant machismo to which we are subjected. And we are fed up.

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