The gossip magazines have arrived this Wednesday at newsstands with two bombshells: the interview of Olga Morenoformer of Anthony David Floresto the magazine ‘Semana’ and the first images of the infant Christina and her still husband, Inaki Urdangarintogether Barcelona after their breakup, which publishes ‘Hello’. But the theme of raging news pink is still the princess eleanor and her boyfriend. The ‘mamarazzis‘ of THE NEWSPAPER, Lorraine Vazquez Y Laura Fa, were the first who dared to mention that Leonor had a boyfriend in last week’s chapter of the video podcast. On Saturday they gave more details of the princess’s “consort” in an article in this newspaper: “He is dark, tall and with a beard.” In addition, he studies at the same school in Wales as Leonor. On this Wednesday’s episode, they talk at length about real love.

“Mildly serious” relationship

“We don’t even know his name,” Vázquez acknowledged. the journalist pillar eyre He has given in ‘Readings’ one more detail about the boy: he studies one more year than Princess Leonor at the Welsh school. In addition, the writer assures that “it seems inconceivable to the couple to be away from each other.”

In this sense, Vázquez has spoken about it: “To bring your boy at the age of 16 to your grandmother’s birthday [en referencia a la fiesta de Paloma Rocasolano para su 70 aniversario] to present it to the family it already has to be something moderately serious, “he said. Now, the ‘Mamarazzis’ wonder if you can have a serious relationship at 16 and have recalled their first loves.

Olga Moreno slit Antonio David

In the exclusive, the winner of ‘Survivors 2021’ breaks her silence after the former ‘Save me‘ was caught with the journalist Martha RiescoWho is he currently in a relationship with? “She has betrayed me, I did not deserve this,” said the famous.

The two journalists specializing in current affairs of the country’s ‘celebrities’ have gone beyond the exclusive and have commented on the reaction of Antonio David’s new partner, Marta Riesco, and the disappointment of Rocío Flores for Moreno’s statements. “Marta has not taken the interview badly,” said Vázquez, while calling the situation a “serial soap opera.” Fa has also positioned himself in the war and has recognized that for the moment Riesco wins.

Abenia and her controversy over obesity

But heart experts have wanted to focus on another issue: they have analyzed Adriana Abenia’s controversial reflection on obesity. “I am the first to defend the diversity of women’s bodies, a woman can be beautiful and look pretty, whether she has an S or an XL. But sincerely, advocating diseases such as obesity seems dangerous to me“, Wrote the presenter and actress in some ‘stories’ of her Intagram. As Tania Llaserawhich went for the jugular of television, this Wednesday our ‘Mamarazzis’ did it.

‘Hello’ catches the infanta Cristina with Iñaki in Barcelona

The other exclusive of the couché paper is given by ‘Hello’ showing the first images of the infant Christina and her still husband, Inaki Urdangarinafter their breakup. The meeting was in Barcelona and they did not exchange a word or a look, but they shared a hotel, breakfast and made plans with their children. All of this for one purpose: to watch the football match together. pablo urdangarin with the first handball team FC Barcelona. Vázquez and Fa have talked about how distant they were. If the marriage is broken, shouldn’t they rethink the divorce?

Related news

The ‘Mamarazzis’ have updated the last hour on Belén Esteban, who is “devastated” by the broken tibia and fibula that she suffered live on ‘Sálvame’ and which will force her to undergo surgery. The love of Sara Carbonero, the new relationship of the F1 driver Fernando Alonso with the Austrian journalist andrea schlager and the breaking of anna ferrerdaughter of Peace Padillaand her boyfriend Iván Martín after only a few months of living together, have also been the talk of chapter 9.

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