Make up artists get celebrity treatment

Make up artists from across Saskatchewan gathered at the Cornwall Center in Regina on Sunday to learn from one of the industry’s best, Gregory Arlt, thanks to Mode Masterclass.

“Today we’re doing a whole class on red carpet beauty, this is for working makeup artists and aspiring makeup artists,” Arlt said.

The Hollywood makeup artist has experience doing red carpet make up for actors and actresses who have attended prestigious Hollywood award shows like the Grammys and Oscars.

Arlt adds it’s a privilege to be able to teach others what he has learned in the industry.

“Education is everything to me and I think that right now in the world we’re living in with you know, YouTube and social media and all kinds of ways to learn education,” said Arlt. “I think one on one hands on education is the way to go and it is really important for me.”

The founders of Mode Masterclass emphasize the importance of the event being in Saskatchewan.

“I think it’s super important in the city, especially in Saskatchewan,” said Ginette Hall, one of the co-founders, “There isn’t a lot of continued education for makeup artists, so this is something that we wanted to bring to Regina.”

“Especially right now during COVID-19 and there hasn’t been anything for us to really do; even to travel for which we normally have to,” said Sara Lindsay, another co-founder.

Make up artists are also thankful they did not have to travel far.

“This group has traveled to different parts of the US, to the UK for training,” said Missy Myers. “To have this not only in Canada, but central so anyone can attend and is fantastic.”

It’s an added bonus that they get to learn from Arlt.

“It is pretty surreal, not just to be in the presence of an artist like Gregory, but to have him in Regina, Saskatchewan is unheard of,” said Myers. ”Mode Masterclass is really pushing the boundaries for Canadian artists here.”

Going forward, Mode Masterclass is striving to break down even more barriers, proving that the make up industry is alive and well in the prairies.

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