Mail thefts plaguing South Vancouver neighborhood, resident says

A South Vancouver resident says she doesn’t feel safe after thieves stole her mail in broad daylight and in view of security cameras last week.

Kajol Parikh was at work on April 19 when parcels were delivered to her front door on East 57th Avenue. She was expecting the packages, but when she got home, she didn’t see them waiting for her.

She asked her landlord to check the security camera, which showed two people walking up to the door and grabbing the parcels, as well as all of her mail.

“I don’t feel safe at all,” she said. “I’ve heard from my neighbors that a lot of that is happening around here … I’ve been here for a year now and I’ve seen broken windows, masked thieves taking mail and packages. It is concerning.”

Parikh estimated the items taken to be worth about $150, but she’s more concerned about the statements from her bank that she thinks were taken.

“They took my mail, so they have my credit card details, probably, and stuff like that,” she said.

Vancouver police are aware of the situation, Parikh said. She called them after the theft and they opened a file.

“I hope that they provide more patrol over here in this area, because that is what’s needed,” she said.

For now, Parikh said, she plans to have packages delivered to her at work or held at the post office, but she stressed that “that’s not a long-term solution.”

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