Mahindra Group welcomes the opportunity to recruit Agniveers: Anand Mahindra

As protests sweep across the country against the Center’s new ‘Agnipath’ military recruitment scheme, industrialist Anand Mahindra said on Monday he is saddened by the violence and stressed that agniveers’ discipline and skills would make them “eminently employable”. .

“Sad about the violence around the #Agneepath show. When the plan was laid out last year, I said, and I repeat, that the discipline and skills that Agniveers acquire will make them eminently employable. Mahindra Group welcomes the opportunity to recruit Skilled and Able Youth (SIC),” tweeted Mahindra.

He added that there is great potential for employment of Agniveers in the business sector, highlighting that with qualities such as leadership, teamwork and physical training, Agniveers provide market-ready professional solutions to the industry.

“Great employment potential for Agniveers in the Corporate Sector. With leadership, teamwork and physical training, Agniveers provides professional, market-ready solutions to industry, covering the full spectrum from operations to administration and supply chain management (SIC),” he said in a tweet on Monday.

Two days after the government unveiled its Agnipath scheme to recruit soldiers into all three services, mass protests broke out in several cities against the defense recruitment scheme, with hopefuls raising concerns about job security and post-service benefits.

Under the scheme, around 45,000 to 50,000 soldiers will be recruited annually, with most leaving the service in just four years. Of the total annual recruits, only 25 percent will be able to continue for another 15 years under permanent commission. The move will make standing force levels much lower for the 13 lakh plus armed forces in the country.

This, in turn, will greatly reduce the bill for defense pensions, which has been a major concern for governments for many years.

For the protesters, the main concerns and insecurity have to do with the temporary nature of the scheme: the service is only for four years; the pension has been eliminated; and there is no lifetime health care benefit for the soldier and his family.

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Despite various guarantees from the center, including a preference for agniverers in paramilitary forces and government posts, widespread protests continue. The center has ruled out any plans to reverse the scheme.

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