Maduro calls Bolsonaro “stupid” and “clown” for linking the vaccine against covid-19 with AIDS

  • The Venezuelan president did not spare qualifications after the Brazilian Senate proposed to investigate Bolsonaro for his role during the pandemic

  • Since 2019, racy exchanges between the two presidents have become commonplace

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro rated his Brazilian counterpart Jair Bolsonaro as “fool” and “neonazi” for having linked the vaccine against covid-19 with AIDS. Maduro has also regretted that Brazilians have to “put up with” a president “clown”, “irresponsible”, “failed” and “phony”. The rhetorical guerrilla between the two presidents has been common since the retired captain assumed the presidency. Last Tuesday, the Investigative Commission of the Senate of Brazil (CPI) approved the report that proposes to accuse Bolsonaro of nine crimes, including crime against humanity, because of the way in which the far-right government faced a pandemic that caused the death of more than 606,000 people. While the legislators were in session, Bolsonaro was on the border with Venezuela, a focus of the immigration of citizens of that country, where he launched new diatribes against the “socialist dictatorship“Hours passed and, after the ICC ruling, Maduro did not miss the possibility of counterattacking.

“Bolsonaro has gone mad to say that the coronavirus vaccine causes AIDS”, (…) the typical stupidity of a rightist“, he said during one of his speeches through the state-run Venezolana de Televisión. The Brazilian president’s statements meant not only a strong rejection of the Brazilian scientific community: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube removed that recording and warned the president not to they will tolerate new blunders that complicate the fight against the pandemic.

In keeping with these announcements, the report presented by the ICC has also called for drastic measures against the retired captain that limit the use of social media, usually a conduit for fake news.

Reaction to the report

The ICC report has been forceful. Bolsonaro is also charged with eight charges, including violations of sanitary measures, by not wearing a mask and his refusal to be vaccinated, “charlatanism” denial, incitement to crime, falsification of documents, irregular use of public funds and promote the use of drugs without scientific validation to combat covid-19.

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Bolsonaro said Wednesday that the conclusions of that nearly 1,300-page text, written by Senator Renan Calheiros, are a “clown.” However, the president acknowledged that they deteriorate the international image of his government. “The ICC caused harm, not me, I’m here to receive it too (…). but outside of Brazil. They believe that we are living a dictatorship, that I am detaining journalists, that I killed people (because of the coronavirus), “he complained in the framework of an interview with the comic program Panic of the Young Pan. The text also calls for the investigation of 77 people for various crimes, including high-ranking officials and politicians.

The conversation with Panic of the Young Pan ended badly. Comedian André Marinho wanted to know what the senator’s father thought Flavio Bolsonaro on the allegations of corruption that weigh against him. Annoyed, the president cut the interview on video from the city of Manaus.

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