Madrid will mobilize 300 policemen in the Complutense and in the Autonomous Region to avoid another ‘macro-bottle’

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The Madrid’s community He wants to avoid at all costs images like the ones from last weekend, when 25,000 young people organized a macro-bottle on the campus of the Complutense University of Madrid. To do this, it will mobilize 300 policemen -municipal and national- to control spree nights on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

This was agreed in the meeting held this Tuesday at the Government Delegation between the head of the agency, Mercedes González, the City Council Security Area of the capital and the Rectorate of the Complutense, who was the one who requested it.

All the parties gathered there showed their concern for a weekend that promises to be one of the most complicated in recent months, as Madrid has just relaxed restrictions on hospitality and nightlife. In fact, the clubs are open until six in the morning although they cannot yet have a bar open to consumption or a dance floor.

That is why the Madrid City Council has announced a “special and specific” reinforcement to control in a dissuasive way University City, the Moncloa interchange or the west park, as well as other places in the center of the capital.

It has done so through the municipal spokesperson and delegate of Security and Emergencies, Immaculate Sanz, who appealed this Thursday at a press conference to the “individual responsibility of young people”: “Without it, it will be materially impossible, no matter how much effort we put in, to tackle this type of situation in its entirety”.

And it is that, as explained by Sanz, the Municipal Police has a “diminished and scarce” staff that does not have the capacity to “be in all parts of the city.” A position confirmed by the agents contacted by EL ESPAÑOL.

“We are overwhelmed”

In recent weeks, the State Security Forces and Bodies have encountered multiple inconveniences and problems when it comes to tackling these large concentrations. “It’s crazy. What should be done is to prevent them from being held before they are held“explains one of the agents of the Police Intervention Units (UIP), better known as riot police, stationed in Madrid.

“It is impossible to intervene when so many people come together unless it is imperatively necessary,” he insists: “It is impossible to intervene and even more so concentrated, both for us and for the Emergency service. Young people are out of control.”

The person in charge of the device will be the Municipal police throughout the city. This weekend the number of agents who will ensure control of the night will be reinforced. However, different sources from the local body assure that it is useless to add more troops, with many already focused on those tasks.

The solution goes through another way: “By putting more police officers nothing will be solved. It will be solved with a lot of pedagogy, education and above all opening nightlife now. Young people cannot stand any more restrictions. They need to have fun“says another agent who works in the downtown area of ​​the city.

“Things are very complicated – assures another agent of the Municipal Police -. In my district we had to stop a bottle of more than 200 people, but it is impossible to fight it.” Still and all at three in the morning they had already vacated the leisure areas. “Work overflows us“.

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