Madrid no tiene playa debajo de los adoquines

Nací en Lagunillas (Venezuela) de madre britainica, abuela francesa y abuelo luxemburgués. Living in a double extraterrestrial, genes and escogida. My imaginary city is full of parks, avenues, bars, museums and other places to visit. Vivo in Madrid since 1959. I am married, I have no children and no girl, and there are six generations. It has this imprint of what I have always admired Barcelona’s urban and intellectual modernity, the design of its calls, the aroma of the sea and the ‘seny’. Paris is a lovely place to stay.

Madrid toured with Enrique Tierno Galván and the Movida. Paris Paris in the 60s when it has a playground for the adoquines. Aquel Madrid was elegant, tolerant and hopeful. Después se acható bajo los gobernos de las ranas de Esperanza Aguirre y de empresarios que amasaron su fortuna en el franquismo. Forman a capitalism of bajura, with numerus clausus (only for friends), salpicado de trampas. Lo dice la Audiencia Nacional.

Madrid lost the color of the maneuver of a franchisee who was sailing through the center with the GPS alerted. The superabundance of cement and the arboriculture is a reflection of the dominant grease. Manuela Carmena had an accident, a fogonazo. Quedan los atardeceres, la luz velazqueña hasta que la privaticen. I hope to have an election in May of 2023.

Una ciudad enfadada

We have a double pandemic, the covid, and the sum of José Luis Martínez Almeida and IDA (no mistake, is the acronym of Isabel Díaz Ayuso). Alcalde has no other plan to sovereivir in the war between the two PPs: the one who thinks and feels like Vox and the one who does not think, who is Pablo Casado.

Madrid suprimión in the years 60 of the XX sail on the boulevards to favor the traffic. The freed lanes were occupied by the second lane. Perdimos tranvías, ganamos atascos, humo y mala leche. Today there is a lonely city, easy to beat, which has lost a lot of favor in favor of tourism: the center has a theme park with tents with English roots and basic products. The barrier trade, the one of the good ones, was stopped by the termites in pantyhose that were parked in Seagway and were taken with deadly patches of monuments that no miran.

Madrid has lost a lot of favor in favor of tourism: the center has a theme park with tents with English roots and products

The Madrid of Ayuso, who was so fond of Gerard Piqué, inherited the catechism of Aguirre, his simplicity. IDA has been able to launch a ‘trial’ of the Madrileña. Copy his methods, language and gestures. Hemos pasado del “España nos roba & rdquor; de Cataluña al “España nos roba & rdquor; of Madrid. The target is looking for an enemy to kill all the males, air a constant confrontation fed by bullets and the media, and inventory the history. With all his independent madrileño, Ayuso acaba to confuse Leon with Castile. A grave desliz in aquellas tierras.

Victimism that attracts voters

The plan is the construction of an alternative reality propagandized by one of our friends’ media as receptive to the opacity of institutional publicity. It is a victimism that attracts voters in a society that prefers the prophets to the intellectuals, that school creates in patriarchs promised in order to dismantle the taxpayers.

For the Almeida de vuelo raso only exist the cars, his motorbike, the parking spaces and the terraces. In the event of a pandemic, the hostel was on the verge of sanitation, slammed by a plan of privatization. Madrid is a city of ruined and contaminated, an island for the peatones. No it is libertad, es la ley de la selva, la del más fuerte, el que paga en B.

In Madrid and Barcelona it is easy. Nunca seremos Copenhagen in Pontevedra o Vitoria, puntales de la urbe del futuro

Barcelona was the illustrated capital of the 60s and 70s of Sail XX, the chic hometown of Latin American boomers’ writers. It focuses on the major editorial staff and the best literary agents. It was the temple of the high culture. Ahora is a place applied by a single discourse exclusive that appears to condition everything. The difference with Madrid is that there is a chakra of four politicians without weight in a city that does not create in the tribes.

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In Madrid and Barcelona it is easy. Nunca seremos Copenhagen in Pontevedra o Vitoria, puntales de la urbe del futuro. Does not consist solely in planting annuals, constructing an interconnected red cycle, creating infantile parks and peatonals. It is obligatory to heal. Alcaldes no deberían hacer national politics, his job is to increase the life of the vecinos, ser utiles.

To see the charcoal of the ‘process’ in which he met me, entered elsewhere, said that Madrid will be great and will be in Barcelona during the closest years to elite football. Prepárense, friends friends: new stadium Bernabéu and Mbappé at once. If the Piqué likes the Madrid de Ayuso, the cambio now has the same house. Yo, a la suya; él, a la mía. And enjoy our passions.

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