Madrid finishes off the conquest of the ACB League

The ACB League ended in Madrid, as expected. Barça gave signs of reacting to the black but they were presented to him but they were just that, signs. Too little to compete against a Real Madrid team that appeared in the final (3-1) with much more strength and success in the fourth game (81-74) and supported by a colossal Walter Tavares, unstoppable in the area. The pivot was a defensive fencer and an offensive hammer, finishing with a PIR of 41 and deservedly winning the individual title of MVP.

The match began with the same script of the previous encounters. A real Madrid much more energetic than Barcelona opening an initial 7-0 run, with four white offensive rebounds in the first five minutes. Offensively, the outlook was even worse for those of Jasikevicius: colon (from mirotic) in six minutes. the output of sanli Y Jakubaitis oxygenated those of Saraswho made up the final score of the first quarter (13-10), in which Tavares dominated with 8 points, 4 rebounds and a PIR of 15.

Exum triples

The azulgranas losses, six at ten minutes, bled to death barca to the frustration of his coach, who moved the bench in search of solutions. the output of Llull opened a gap in the scoreboard again (24-10), once again putting the game uphill for the visitors. Twelve minutes into the game the Barcelona He added ten field goals while for 25 of Madrid! The match was broken, the title was removed and Jasikevicius he scolded each player he replaced. But Barça rejoined with another arreón with the triples of mirotic Y exum, for a 3-10 run that left the score at 27-20. The clash was going in fits and starts, but the azulgranas had matched the whites’ attitude and the defensive transition began to work for them. The return of Tavares seemed to open another partial, but the outsiders culés compensated for it with success, reaching the break with a misleading (34-33). The barca he had outlived himself.

came out the Barcelona of the locker room with his second unit and a quintet under to move to Tavares in defence. Jasikevicius it maintained the energy of its own with constant rotations. And while the Madrid pivots crushed the Barça rim, the outsiders of Saras They kept the team in the game. Kuric Y mirotic They nailed two triples that held them on the scoreboard. Each one exploited its strong point: the premises, the penetrations and the painting; visitors the outside launch. It was a heavyweight fight and Tavares, who was beginning to look MVPwas the one who put more hands.

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White’s physical superiority opened the gap (52-45), forcing the Lithuanian to ask for a timeout. Barça staged an outstanding resistance exercise against a dominant Madrid. He combated physical inferiority with the wrist of his shooters. Tavares’ break helped, with a 5-13 run without the Cape Verdean, which left the end of the third quarter open (57-56). Barça got ahead for the second time on the scoreboard (57-58) with a shot from Calathes, but it was an advantage as minimal as it was ephemeral.

Pure anecdote, prelude to a new white takeoff before which there was no longer a Barça reply. A triple by Hanga inaugurated the final epilogue in which Madrid no longer suffered any more shocks thanks to the accurate hand of Causeur. Pablo Laso let himself be seen on the court and was able to start hugging his boys before time ran out.

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