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More than 300 people are gathering during this weekend in a macrofiesta developed on a farm located on the CM-310, in the municipal area of ​​Ciudad Real de Criptana Field.

The place of this party is approximately at kilometer 10 of this road, between Miguel Esteban and Campo de Criptana, a place called Path of the Cantareros.

The attendees come from different parts of the national geography, among others from the Community Valencian, Galicia, Andalusia, Madrid and own Castilla la Mancha.

The Civil Guard has appeared at the scene of the events at noon this Saturday since the party that violates the legislation Covid, as reported by the body itself to Europa Press.

“Birthday Party”

At first it was going to be “a party of birthday“but the appeal in networks social it has led to the final massification. It is scheduled to last until this Sunday night, according to the Benemérita’s testimony.

On the other hand, according to participants in the party have told this medium, they consider that “they do not maintain any irregularity because they understand that they maintain the safety distance“.

At the scene of the events, the Civil Guard of El Toboso, Miguel Esteban and Campo de Criptana, Seprona and the Citizen Security Unit of Ciudad Real have appeared.

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