MacKenzie Scott donates $249 million to abortion rights group

Planned Parenthood says it is the largest donation made by a single donor since its founding

Mackenzie Scott, Ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has donated €249 million to the Planned Parenthood organization, one of the main abortion rights advocates in United States.

Planned Parenthood (PPFA) said Wednesday that Scott’s donation to the group’s national office and its 21 affiliates was the largest by a single donor in the history of the organization, which manages clinics focused on reproductive and sexual health in all the country.

The group noted that the charitable transfer comes as conservative states are addressing legal initiatives that roll back abortion rights and as the US Supreme Court is poised to potentially strike down the “Roe v. Wade” law. , a landmark 1973 court decision that established that access to abortion is a constitutional right of women.

“We are incredibly grateful for the extraordinary philanthropic investment from Ms. Scott“said Alexis McGill Johnson, President and CEO of the PPFA.

“As we face the most serious attacks on free access to abortion we have seen in a generation, PPFA is proud to play a vital role in ensuring access to essential health care,” he said.

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The donation to Planned Parenthood was announced a day after Scott will donate 436 million dollars (396 million euros) to Habitat for Humanity and dozens of affiliates of this non-governmental housing construction organization.

In addition, Boys & Girls Clubs of America announced last week that Scott donated 281 million dollars (255 million euros) to the American non-profit organization dedicated to providing programs and support to young people.

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