Macarfi 2022 Guide: the 10 best restaurants in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and the Basque Country

  • The new edition crowns Alkimia, in Barcelona, ​​and Coque, in the Spanish capital

  • In Euskadi, the number one is Asador Etxebarri (Vizcaya), Zuberoa (Guipúzcoa) and Zaldiaran (Álava)

Macarfi has already revealed the best restaurants of the 2022 guide, which in this edition not only points out those of Barcelona and Madrid, but also those of the Basque Country. At a gala held in Bilbao and presented by the comedian and gourmet Carlos Latre, the ‘top 10’ of each geographical area, according to the votes of the guide’s ambassadors, chefs and specialized journalists.

More than 50 renowned chefs attended the event, as Bittor Arginzoniz (Asador Etxebarri), Josean Alija (Nerua), Hilario Arbelaitz (Zuberoa), Aitor Arregi (Elkano), Elena Arzak (Arzak), Pedro Subijana (Akelarre), Antoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz), Javier and Sergio Torres (Cocina Hermanos Torres), Rafa Zafra (Estimar), Pere Monje (Via Veneto), Jordi Vilà (Alkimia), Oriol Castro (Disfrutar), Mario, Rafael y Diego Sandoval (Coque), Roberto Ruiz (Barracuda Mx) …

Enjoy and Diverxo leave the voting

Very special distinctions have been awarded at the gala. Enjoy and Diverxo Muñoz have received the Top of the Top Macarfi award for having led the list in the last four consecutive years and, consequently, they leave the voting.

AND Bodega Bonay and Barracuda Mx have obtained the Rookies awards for the best opening of the last 12 months in Barcelona and Madrid, respectively.

These are the lists of the 10 best restaurants in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and the Basque Country, according to the Macarfi 2022 guide.

Top 10 de Barcelona

Madrid Top 10

  1. Shell

  2. Saddle

  3. La Tasquita de Enfrente

  4. Horcher

  5. DSTAgE

  6. Remembering

  7. Lakasa

  8. Estimate

  9. Paco Roncero

Top 10 Vizcaya

  1. Etxebarri Grill

  2. Azurmendi

  3. Atelier Etxanobe

  4. Porrue

  5. Mina

  6. Zapirain

  7. Same to you

  8. Zarate

  9. Nerua

  10. Aizian (Hotel Meliá)

Top 10 of Guipúzcoa

  1. Soule

  2. Arzak

  3. Akelarre

  4. Martin Berasategui

  5. Mugaritz

  6. Rekondo

  7. Narru (Hotel Arbaso)

  8. Landa

  9. Asador Bedua

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Top 10 in Álava

  1. On horseback

  2. Gastronomic restaurant Marqués de Riscal

  3. The Bost

  4. Kea Basque Fine Food

  5. Sagartoki

  6. Slow Hand

  7. Arrea!

  8. The Claret

  9. Chromatic

  10. Sukalk

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