Lying as a right, corruption as an option, by Sònia Guerra

Affirmed Pablo Casado a few days ago: “You do not have to differentiate people neither by race, nor by religion, nor by sexual orientation, nor by language & mldr; We are all the same, we are all people. I do not believe in collectivist political projects because they degrade people’s freedom & rdquor ;. The words of the next retiree from Genoa defining as “collectivist political projects & rdquor ;, what has been the constant and daily struggle of thousands, millions of people to win civil rights that guarantee equal opportunities results disrespectful as well as irresponsible, especially if your successor in office is putting at stake the rights of LGTBI people in the Community of Madrid. Especially when you and your loved ones experience any advance in rights and freedoms as a threat, from the voluntary interruption of pregnancy to marriage for people of the same sex.

It has been some time since the Popular Party Casado is easily disoriented, seduced by the siren songs of the most extreme right of his party, and also of the extreme right, if there is any difference. The turning point was on June 1, 2018, when the then popular leader and still president of the Government decided to drown his sorrows in delicacies drenched in alcohol at the Arahy restaurant, instead of attending the motion of censure that he was going to ostracize him and his party. That day seemed the end point of the PP of corruption. We were soon able to verify that it was only an ellipsis.

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From then until now the immorality and depravity of the Spanish extreme right have only grown: Púnica, Lezo, Erial, Gürtel, Kitchen… I could go on. When so many members of a party are accused of corruption, it is clear that we are not dealing with an individual case, but a structural one. We are, as the Supreme Court affirms, before the largest corruption plot in Spain. And it is the responsibility of the Popular Party as a whole. Because he never broke with his past, as we are reminded José María Aznar, Esperanza Aguirre and each and every one of the popular leaders present and influential in the showdown for leadership between Casado, the boy with the fake university degrees, and Ayuso, the girl who lives on rents in a luxury apartment in the Madrid capital.

They say that when a person is greedy it is not only financially, but also emotionally. In that sense, and seen what is seen in the ranks of the extreme right of our country, when a person or, rather, when a political organization is corrupt, it is not only in their ability to enrich themselves at the expense of the public purse, but which it is also in the intrinsic values ​​of its model of society. Affirmed M. Rajoy last Monday, December 13 at the research commission of the Kitchen that Bárcenas and Villarejo “have the right to lie to defend themselves & rdquor ;. Starting from this premise, we can understand that both he, José María Aznar, and Dolores de Cospedal are making use of their right to lie to “defend themselves & rdquor ;. The message is strong. When lying is a right, corruption becomes an option. And that should be inadmissible for any political party that aspires to govern Spain.

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