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What was supposed to be a stress-free move from home ownership to a luxury apartment rental has turned into an endless stream of issues, according to some residents of Old Oak Properties.

There have been many issues, with little help from the company, since moving into the Mosaik building on 325 Sugarcreek Trail owned by Old Oak Properties say two couples who spoke with Global News.

Natalia Da Costa and her husband toured a model suite in March, while the apartments were still under construction.

“I was advised that the model suite was the mirror to the apartment that we would be getting, and I would also have the opportunity to look at my apartment a week prior to moving in,” she said.

“I had called and had asked to see the unit, and the building manager told me that wasn’t going to happen. I explained to her that this is not what we have been told. But from talking to other neighbours, that the same thing happened to them. Some did. I’m not sure why,” she told Global News.

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Da Costa said it was not until the day she was scheduled to move at the end of April that she and her husband were able to view the apartment which did not give her the chance to fully inspect the apartment with movers coming in.

Over the next two days, she say she noticed chips in door frames, electrical issues with lights, paint splatters on the floors and some unfinished places.

Pictures of Natalia Da Costa’s apartment at 325 Sugarcreek Trail, London.

Via Natalia Da Costa

Pictures of Natalia Da Costa’s apartment at 325 Sugarcreek Trail, London.

Via Natalia Da Costa

“My bedroom lights, even though the switch is off, they come on through the night,” she said. “It’s just disgusting. I’m just beyond angry because they advertised it as a luxury building with really nice upgrades and so on, and it’s not what they advertised for at all.”

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“I’ve had water leaking from the apartment upstairs right through my light on my island. One day I got home, and my sink and my floor were full of water that was leaking from upstairs,” Da Costa said.

Picture of what appears to be a leak in Natalia Da Costa’s apartment at 325 Sugarcreek Trail, London.

Via Natalia Da Costa

When she reached out to the company with her concerns, Da Costa said someone came to look and noted the issues, but she said, months later, many problems haven’t been resolved.

“They need to know (they’re) causing people a lot of stress. What I’ve been told is that they’re short-staffed and they can’t get to everybody, and my issues are not an emergency, not a priority.”

Global News reached out to Old Oak Properties regarding the issues raised by residents, and a company representative declined to comment.

325 Sugarcreek Trail, London, Ont., on August 8, 2022.

Sawyer Bogdan / Global News

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De Costa and her husband are not alone in their concerns. Alan Cox and his wife have a similar story.

Cox and his wife sold their home and moved into the building for a more leisurely pace of life to get ready for retirement.

“It was a new building, a new build. It was presented as upscale, the place to go, the most modern building in town. It was just advertised really well,” Cox said.

Da Costa and Cox each pay roughly $2,200 a month in rent. The company’s website describes their building as “where luxury and style are the rule, not the exception.”

“The workmanship issues abounded. (The) the quality just wasn’t there,” Cox said.

On top of the cosmetic problems, he says he noticed several electrical issues like the circuit breaker constantly tripping when they do laundry or use the microwave.

“There’s a light fixture on the ceiling in the bedroom, and you’ll be sleeping, and then at 2:00 in the morning, the light comes on for a couple of seconds and then goes off,” Cox said.

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Not unlike Da Costa and her husband, Cox says they viewed a model suit before moving and were told they would get to see their apartment a week before moving in. he said they did not get the chance to see their apartment until the day they moved.

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“The model suite was squeaky clean, and I assume everything was working properly in the model suite. But lo and behold, when we get into the actual unit, you know, things aren’t working,” Cox said.

“It didn’t give adequate time to resolve anything prior to moving in because we weren’t allowed to do the inspection till the very day we moved in and the movers were coming.”

When trying to fix the issues, Cox said the company is slow to respond, which he thinks could be due to staffing issues.

“They have rectified some things, and their response was, well, you know we did allow you an inspection and, you said, yeah, everything is okay,” Cox said.

Cox disagrees that they were given adequate time to inspect the apartment.

“The movers were coming that day, so that didn’t give you any time. Even if you had noticed the problems, which are hard to notice, like the electrical problems, you just assume things work right,” he said.

“They came over and looked, and they saw the workmanship issues, and those remain to this very day and then the electrical issues. They did fix some of those, but not the issue of the lights In the washroom.”

Cox says that while he does not want to move out after having just moved in, he hopes the issues are corrected.

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“We would just like the issues corrected so that we can inhabit the place peacefully and not have to worry about anything.”

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