The family of Laura Luelmo, the young woman from Zamora murdered and raped in the Huelva town of El Campillo on December 12, 2018, yesterday modified its conclusions to increase the penalty of prison demanded before the Hearing of Huelva for Bernardo Montoya for him crime of violation, according to judicial sources, sentence that can reach 15 years with aggravating. Both the Prosecutor’s office as the lawyer of the Board of Andalusia, that exercises the popular accusation, they reiterated the 12 years in jail for that crime at jury trial celebrated to door closed since Monday.

The private prosecution was added, yes, to the request of reviewable permanent prison, which also require the Prosecutor’s Office and the Andalusian Board, the maximum sentence to be imposed for the crime of murder of the only defendant in the violent death of the young woman from 26 years. The Prosecutor’s Office urged the Hearing to apply to Montoya the aggravating gender and recidivism to increase the years in prison.

The Public Ministry and the two attorneys for the accusations maintain the demand for 20 years of probation for Montoya once I fulfill jail time and the estrangement from Laura Luelmo’s family by that time, as well as 20 in prison for the crime of illegal detention, for the hours that the defendant kept the young woman at home, after taking her by surprise and forcing her in to brutally attack her until she was killed. A physical assault that the Prosecutor’s Office specifies in a first attack, already at the home of the accused, giving him “various blows and punches to the head and body, even using an elongated blunt object, similar to a stick, to hit him on the left side of the head & rdquor ;.

The prosecutor maintains that at that time, when the victim is “badly injured and very weakened & rdquor; the defendant tie hands to the back and the gag with Scotch tape without leaving her the ability to maneuver and then take her to the bedroom where he raped her. Finally, and after “subjecting her to unnecessary suffering and more intense suffering to cause her death, he gave her more blows & rdquor; and ended up by “hitting him hard on the head with a blunt object & rdquor;, always according to definitive conclusions of the Prosecutor’s Office, to which the popular accusation of the Junta de Andalucía joined. The last session of the trial ended with the testimony of two forensics who prepared the psychiatric report of the accused.

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A very brief intervention to reiterate the innocence of the accused

The intervention of the prosecutor and the lawyers for the accusations took most of the afternoon session, which began at 3:20 p.m. and ended at 5:31 p.m. Meanwhile, the Montoya’s attorney it was “very short” and concise to reiterate the innocence of your client, deny intervention at crime Laura’s Luelmo and insist on your sexual impotence to evade conviction for violation that allows to impose the reviewable permanent prison if he is found guilty of the murder.

Before we begin yesterday’s jury trial session, Miguel rivera questioned the tests presented on Wednesday to indict Montoya, “do not necessarily imply an indubitable assumption that there has been a sexual assault,” he said, which would prevent him from being sentenced to a reviewable permanent prison. And he expressed his hopes that the defendant would be exonerated of that crime and showed himself “contento” because “The tests left many doors open & rdquor;. He did admit, by contrast, that the accused is guilty of illegal detention by Laura Luelmo and what transported, wrapped in a blanket, to the young woman, according to the news agencies. Montoya took her in the trunk of your car to the place of The Wickers, where he left his body. For this crime the Prosecutor’s Office and the private and popular accusations require the audience 20 years in jail.

The popular jury will announce its verdict today

The forecast of the Audiencia de Huelva is that the deliberation of the popular jury becomes known around 18.00 am on November 19, after receiving the object of the verdict starting at 10.00 hoursAccording to sources consulted, it is estimated that there are weight tests so that the nine citizens can quickly make a decision on the involvement of Bernardo Montoya in the murder of the teacher from Zamora who settled in front of his house on December 9, 2018, three days before disappearing.

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This circumstance would also explain the rapid development of a judgment in which they were called to declare more than 40 witnesses, scheduled to take place between Monday, November 15, and yesterday, November 18, and whose sessions have not lasted beyond five hours.

The object of the verdict consists of a questionnaire prepared by the president of the room, the magistrate Florentino Ruiz Yamuza, on which the members of the popular court, both about circumstances surrounding the murder of Laura Luelmo, What about crimes for which it can be convicted and the circumstances aggravating or mitigating thereof. The verdict consists of a report of the facts that the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the accusations and the defense have alleged so that the jury determines which of those exposed by each party are tested or not, and detail in separate paragraphs of those that are favorable and unfavorable for Montoya. When several crimes are prosecuted, the judge will draw up a separate and successively drafting for each crime. The magistrate will seek the criteria of the Jury on the application conditional remission of sentence and of the petition or not for pardon on own judgment.

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At 12:23 pm on Monday, November 15, the magistrate Florentino Ruiz Yamuza, announced a recess for the jury, made up of five men and four women, deliberate on the declaration of the jclosed door, a decision that was taken in just seven minutes, which prevented the media from being able to follow the development of the oral hearing and caused a formal protest by the Association of Journalists of Huelva, backed by those across the country through the FAPE.

That was the longest day, when the trial was suspended at 2:47 p.m. in the morning, after Montoya and two witnesses testified. As of 4:00 p.m., nine witnesses appeared and the hearing ended at 6:00 p.m. Agility was the general trend of the following days with morning sessions of just over two and a half hours and as many in the afternoon.

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