Lucía Delgado (PAH): “The deaths in Tetuan are one more sign that society is failing”

The social movements in defense of housing have called for this Tuesday at seven in the afternoon a concentration in the Tetuan square under the slogan “against energy poverty and for decent housing” and “poverty kills”. PAH spokesperson, Lucía Delgado, recalls what they have been denouncing for years: “families are forced to occupy, either an apartment or an abandoned bank office, in order not to be on the street, it is the root problem and what happened this morning is the consequence that nobody wants, but what can happen “. In the eyes of Delgado and the set of movements for the right to housing, “everything is linked to not having a decent housing“.

“We do not yet know the reasons for the fire, but what we can say is that this family was living poorly in a place that is not a home, which shows once again the housing emergency that we live in. Barcelona, ​​Catalonia and Spain“continues the activist, who insists that the new housing law being processed by the Generalitat must guarantee the right of families to a dignified relocation.

“There is no social rental park and the emergency table has a waiting list of three years, minimum”

The PAH spokeswoman insists that “where we have to focus is that unjust laws do not guarantee access to housing.” “No partner rental parkl, the emergency table has a waiting list of three years, minimum and, in addition, to access it you have to come from a home eviction; if not, you do not enter, just as if you are in a situation of administrative irregularity, you also do not have the right to enter “, adds the activist, convinced that what happened this Tuesday in Barcelona Tetuan square is “one more sample that society is failing“.” The problem is that there is a solution, which is in the thousands of empty floors that exist. After each eviction, an agency comes and blocks a door. That has to be eradicated. It cannot happen that they evict and put iron doors to shield the floors and then people end up living in slums“, concludes Delgado.

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Along the same lines, from the Tenants’ Union They consider that “not guaranteeing the right to housing and basic supplies leads many families to seek outlets that can put themselves at risk.” “The fire and the deaths on Tuesday are the tip of the iceberg of a failed system, “they conclude.

The spokeswoman for the Alliance Against Energy Poverty, Maria Campuzano, has denounced that these are “preventable deaths” and that it is necessary to put all the resources so that situations like this do not happen again. “That is why they will demonstrate this Tuesday at seven in the afternoon in the Plaza de Tetuan.

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