LPC-NDP alliance ‘bad news’ for Alberta, says Kenney

The alliance announced Tuesday between the NDP and the Liberal Party to keep the Trudeau government in place until 2025 is “bad news” for Alberta, according to its Conservative Premier Jason Kenney.

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This agreement would guarantee the continuation of “anti-Alberta” policies for the next three years, complained Mr. Kenney, who has never been shy about openly criticizing the federal government.

“I warn them: [notre] government will fight to defend our economy against the Liberal-NDP coalition every day,” he said Tuesday.

The potential impact of this agreement that Jason Kenney fears the most concerns the province’s oil industry, which is at the very heart of its economy.

Mr. Kenney’s fears are not outlandish, since the acceleration of the energy transition is included in the details of the agreement, the document of which has been made public.

Among the policies being considered is the development of a “plan to phase out public funding of the fossil fuel sector, including that of state-owned companies, including taking swift action in 2022.”

Conversely, Jason Kenney believes that the war in Ukraine is a great and rare opportunity to develop the oil and gas sector in Canada and thus replace the Russian oil and gas that supplies much of Europe.

“After Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the world knows now, more than ever, that we need to scale up and produce more Alberta energy to replace ‘dictator oil’,” said Kenney, who has the intent to use “every tool possible to fight the Trudeau-Singh alliance and their efforts to kill the pipelines and kill the biggest job-creating industry in Canada.”


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