Lozoya will offer real estate and money as reparation in the Agro Nitrogenados and Odebrecht cases

The former director of Mexican oil (Pemex), Emilio Lozoya, will request this Wednesday before a judge the termination of the criminal action against him in exchange for repairing the damage for the cases Agro Nitrogenized and Odebrecht.

Miguel Ontiveros placeholder image and Alejandro Rojas, Lozoya’s lawyers, reported that in the audience of this Wednesday, Lozoya will offer real estate and cash to repair the damage for 3.4 million dollars in the Agro Nitrogenados case and 1.6 million dollars in the Odebrecht case. Ontiveros said that his client has property and money that allow him to raise those amounts.

Prior to the hearing at the North Prison of Mexico City, Ontiveros said that the offer will be made at General Prosecutor of the Republic, as well as Mexican oil and the Financial Intelligence Unit.

He indicated that Lozoya is willing to use a criterion of opportunity where he can show an entire organized structure of corruption in the previous administration.

“This defense expresses its position regarding the illegitimacy of the justified preventive detention imposed on Mr. Emilio Lozoya Austin. Likewise, it will request that within the framework of a reparatory agreement, the repair of damage caused and the criminal action”He reported.

“On the other hand, it will ratify the full disposition of Mr. Lozoya Austin for the purposes of ratifying his complaint before the jurisdictional body, in such a way that within the framework of the opportunity criterion, it continues to collaborate with the institutions of the Mexican State. The foregoing in order to demonstrate the structure of an organized apparatus of power that, verified in the past, implemented a corruption policy on a national scale with transactional impact ”, said Miguel Ontiveros.

Emilio Lozoya received justified preventive detention last week, for which he is imprisoned in the North Prison of Mexico City.

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