For business groups in the sector industrial it is necessary to create synergies to meet the challenges of the sector living place ranging from the demand for spaces for Mexican migrants, housing supply for the lower-income population, to the impact of the increase in the prices of construction materials.

This was reported by the National Chamber of the Industry for the Development and Promotion of living place (Canadevi), which held its board of directors within the framework of the National Meeting of the Confederation of Chambers industrial (Concamin), held in Guerrero.

For Luis Alberto Moreno Gómez Monroy, national president of Canadevi, who met with representatives of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), Infonavit, Concanaco, among other groups, insisted on the need to have an offer to serve all segments of the population .

“Due to the problems that the production of living place facing the current situation, where different construction materials have an upward trend, it is necessary that we work together to reverse this trend to find solutions that allow us to serve the segments that present the greatest demand for housing”, commented the representative of the homeowners .

For his part, José Abugaber Andonie, head of the Concamin, urged the industrial gathered to promote the sector living place to detonate the productive chain; while Francisco Cervantes, national president of the CCE, assured that a Housing Agreement will be created, due to the social and economic effect of this industry.

They seek to serve migrants

Among the agreements reached, the industrial signed a Collaboration Agreement with the organization Fuerza Migrante, to facilitate the purchase of a living place in Mexico by Mexican workers outside the country, which is estimated at 2.2 million nationals.

“For us it is important to join the efforts in the formality of the construction, as well as to have an ally that allows us to guarantee that the acquisition of living place on the part of Mexicans who live outside the country, it is done with security and confidence”, highlighted Avelino Meza, technical secretary of Fuerza Migrante.

Thus, according to the representatives of the developers of living placeThrough this type of agreement, it will be sought to detonate communities and the services required for the creation of urban centers for the benefited populations.

“For Canadevi partners, the Collaboration Agreement with Fuerza Migrante represents a great opportunity, because we will be able to cross our borders and attend to compatriots who are looking to buy a living place in Mexico”, mentioned Moreno Gómez Monroy.

Demands that seek to be attended

After exposing the main challenges of each entity in the country for the developers of living placeRodrigo Gutiérrez Porter, Deputy General Director of Credit at Infonavit, proposed the creation of working groups to address the challenges in the verification processes of houses to be subject to financing.

He assured that the start of the year in general was complicated, but some states register a change in the trend of credit placement.

“At the national level, potential demand remains stable; Regarding the offer, it is important to understand what is happening in each federal entity in order to implement actions that allow it to proceed”, he said.

It should be remembered that, at the end of 2021, Infonavit, the main underwriter of credits for living place in the country, it reduced the number of financings delivered by 0.7% per year, although it allocated a larger amount in pesos, which grew 2.6% in annual comparison, according to data from the report “Real Estate Outlook Mexico 1H2022”, by BBVA Research.

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