Low citizen participation is recorded in the extraordinary election in General Zuazua: SIPRE

Monterrey, NL. When resuming the permanent session of the General Council of the State Electoral Commission (CEENL), on the extraordinary electoral day of the General Zuazua city council, which took place this Sunday, November 7, it was reported that at 7:20 p.m. the closing of 81 polls concluded, in coordination with the National Electoral Institute (OTHER), however low voter turnout is expected.

Héctor García Marroquín, executive secretary of the CEENL, commented that by following up on the Preliminary Electoral Results Information System (SIPRE), of the 81 minutes, 18 minutes have been captured, that is, 22.22% and 17 minutes have been recorded, which represents 21%, which indicates that until 20:00 hours, 33.69% of citizen participation.

He indicated that during tonight, the Preliminary Election Results Program (PREP), with the results of the 81 polls, with a nominal list of 46,179 voters.

On the page of PREP, at the moment, the candidate of Citizen movement, Nancy Olinda Gutiérrez Arrambide, carries the highest number of votes, with 1,270, followed by the candidate of the PRI and FART, Jorge Luis Martínez Gutiérrez, with 896 votes.

It is worth mentioning that the Superior Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power determined on September 15, the annulment of the June 6 elections in the General Zuazua town hall, as alleged irregularities were detected by the reelected mayor Pedro Ángel Martínez, of the Together We Will Make History Coalition (Morena, PT and PVEM) .



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