Lorenzo Serratosa: the philosopher who will take cannabis to the Stock Market

  • The president of Substrate AI studied Philosophy and Letters and specialized in Anthropology. At Harvard (USA) he cultivated business initiatives

Lorenzo Serratosa Gallardo (València, 1969) studied Philosophy and Letters at the University of Valencia and specialized in Anthropology. He also expanded his academic training in Harward (United States). And from a young age he became interested in the world of finance and investment. “My training is philosophical although my DNA is business. A company is an organization of people united to achieve a goal. And like any organization, it requires a philosophy “, he points out from the headquarters of Substrate AI in Valencia, a company that presides over and is an expert in artificial intelligence to give business profitability.

During these last months he has been restless and traveling through Europe and the United States. He wants to gain size before his jump to Euronext Growh, scheduled for the end of 2021. He has signed an agreement with Bhaluteck Hemp and Ornavera – dedicated to R&D in the hemp industry and technology for data collection, respectively – to develop artificial intelligence solutions in the cultivation of medicinal cannabis. The sector, according to experts, expects to generate a world business of 3,275 million euros in 2024 because the production of cannabis for medicinal uses will skyrocket.

Belonging to a line of great industrialists of the Valencian bourgeoisie of the 20th century, the Chairman Substrate AI is the son of Alfredo Serratosa, Cousin of Joseph and Emilio Serratosa , former owners of Valenciana de Cementos Portland, founded in 1917. It was an empire that three decades ago ended up in the hands of the Mexican multinational Cemex (now owned by the Turkish company Çimsa).

The firm Fonvalcem started from the cement group, an investment fund for employees that promoted Lorenzo Serratosa Gallardo in 1991. At that time, that young man was already an entrepreneur and was concerned about workers’ savings, investments and capital markets.

Substrate AI comes from the union between Zonavalue, launched by the Valencian financial expert, and the American Substrate. He was a pioneer in Spain, in 2009, in doing financial coaching through Value Investing when no one else was doing it. “For me, life is saving,” he says. Among his references in professional life is Warren Buffet, who maintains that it takes “twenty years to build a reputation and one day to lose it.”

In your opinion, “The entry into medical cannabis is one more step in putting artificial intelligence at the service of profitability in the different sectors in which the company operates and thus contribute to improving its productivity. Even more so when the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals seek the health and well-being of society together with a more responsible production and consumption at a global level “, he points out.

Substrate AI will contribute its knowledge in the sector to improve all production processes and increase the efficiency of the plantations, thus certifying that all cannabis meets the criteria to be used for medicinal purposes.

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Among the business diversification plans of Lorenzo Serratosa, this initiative reinforces its presence in the ‘agritech’ areas, where it has set up an R&D laboratory for the development of livestock and which aims to address the comprehensive management of milk production plants thanks to artificial intelligence. And ensures that every day there will be more philosophers on company boards of directors and in human resources departments, something already very common in the US, but less so in Spain. “For me the philosophy is about this, of asking questions and that these questions are increasingly accurate, more incisive and help you to be more centered, focused and integrated in what you do, whatever it is,” he concludes.

An expert in financial advice

Founder and CEO of the financial advisory company Kau Markets, he is a fan of financial training, an activity that he carries out through zonavalue.com.

In 2017, Bren Worth came across his life, an American who had developed a ‘reinforced learning’ technology (a trial and error system that is key to achieving operational objectives). He started working with him to apply his technology to investing in the stock market and then, seeing that the technology was effective, decided to create Substrate AI in the US.


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