López Obrador highlights achievements in science and culture three years into his government

In his message to the nation on the occasion of his first three years of government, delivered this Wednesday afternoon in a packed Zocalo of the city of mexico, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador highlighted the achievements that his government has achieved in science, technology and culture.

In very brief lines and listing isolated events, López Obrador summarized the science policy and cultural mentioning the ventilators for Covid-19 patients developed by the Conacyt, to the development of homeland vaccine that has not yet arrived, to the book collection 21 for 21 of the Economic Culture Fund and the questioned megaproject of the Chapultepec Forest.

On this occasion he omitted to refer to the atmosphere of growing tension that exists in both sectors, the scientific and culturalAnd he said nothing about the “conservative academic mafias,” the “right-wing” universities, which he has recently lashed out at his morning lectures.

Nor did he refer to the achievements highlighted by the Secretary of Culture: the repatriation of pre-Hispanic pieces, the program for the defense of the collective rights of native peoples with respect to textile art, or the activities of the star program “Community Culture”, classified as ‘historical’ by the secretary Alejandra Frausto, for example. “We are living a historic moment in the country. The impossible is achieved from the # RumboTengoUnSueño camp. I thank the president @lopezobrador_ for believing that culture is the greatest wealth of Mexico,” the secretary wrote on Twitter last Tuesday.

Instead, he assured that there is a “new Conacyt“(National Council of Science and Technology)” with which it will have more researchers and scientists who make contributions such as the one that meant the creation of ventilators to treat Covid-19 patients. He added that “next year, if all goes well , we will have the Patria vaccine “.

The warnings about the use of technologies reached various sectors that have been analyzed from science, agriculture, mining and the environment (We want to remember that while we are in government, the entry of transgenic corn will not be allowed, it will not be used fracking for the extraction of crude, new mining concessions, neither will the aquifers be overexploited, nor the cutting down of jungles and forests; the installation of garbage dumps for toxic or dangerous waste, any company that does not have a sewage treatment plant, violations of the air quality standard, or any activity that damages health, destroys the territory or the environment will not be allowed to operate. environment”.

Regarding these areas and despite the fact that there is evidence from academia, which has not been used for the analysis of these sectors, no specific plans or projects were discussed, proof of this is that it has not even been published in the Official Gazette of the Federation the Special Program of Science and Technology (PECiTI), same that this December 12 will be two years late. In other words, it has operated without a guiding axis to guide the scientific policy of this country.

In the cultural part, he highlighted that 66 titles by “great authors” have been published with 2 million 386 thousand free copies or at low prices. He mentioned the works that concentrate a large part of the budget of the Branch 48 for Culture (about 25% of the total) and part of that of Semarnat (2,100’000, 050 pesos): The cultural and ecological parks of the Chapultepec forest and the Texcoco lake, where the great museum of the mammoth is projected.

Special mention deserved the commemoration – he insisted – of the 700 years of the founding of Mexico-Tenochtitlan and the 500 of its fall after the Spanish invasion, in addition to the 200 years of the consummation of Independence, “in this context,” he said, 16 commemorative events, two major exhibitions in the National Museum of Anthropology and in the SEP building on the greatness of Mexico; with archaeological pieces and codices that are in custody abroad and that were loaned to us ”.

Finally, he called attention to the fact that he spoke of the reissue of 2,100,000 books that would be being distributed free of charge, “For the people who attended the report on their own feet and out of conviction (…) each of the attendees would like to will deliver a book of 21 authors of the best, authors who have left with their works proof, above all, of the cultural greatness of Mexico, “he said, because” it helps a lot, promoting reading. +

The Secretary of Culture, Alejandra Frausto, by the way, celebrated the rally in the Plaza de la República with this message on Twitter: “Only you president @lopezobrador_ can fill a Zócalo with so much love and awareness. Thank you for making Mexico flourish from its deepest fissures. It is an honor to plow by its side. “

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