Long queues at the Fira de Barcelona to get vaccinated without prior appointment

  • Within two hours of opening, the 1,500 available doses had been exhausted

Hundreds of people have made long colas this sunday for get vaccinated against coronavirus on the Fira de Barcelona, one of the two points enabled in the city to get vaccinated with out PRIVIOUSE appointment. Before opening doors, at 09.00, the queue of people came to the Plaza de España. And so it has remained until, two hours later, staff at the vaccination point have informed people who expected that they had Exhausted the 1,500 doses available.

The hours to get vaccinated without prior appointment, both at Fira Barcelona and at La Maquinista, are counted and this causes that with the entry into force of the covid passport, the queues are being the tonic. Despite the fact that Salut has asked citizens to make an appointment due to the high influx of users, the queues have been repeated at the two points this weekend.

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Many of the people who were waiting have criticized that it had been impossible to get an appointment because the system was collapsed. Àlex, with a dose put after passing the disease, has approached thinking that he could put the second and travel with peace of mind. Manel was in the same situation, who is due to travel to Scotland shortly for work. Among the people consulted by ACN, the majority had tried more than once to access vaccination. Samira, for example, tried this Wednesday, but because she did not have an appointment, she could not do it. On Saturday he tried again, also without success, at La Maquinista. This Sunday he has also run out of vaccine.

The obligation to present the covid passport in bars and restaurants has meant that many citizens who had not been vaccinated have run to receive the immunization.


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