– If there is health, security and private school, why can’t there be private justice?

– Do not say foolishness.

– It is unacceptable that of the Constitutional and the scam of the PP. It is unthinkable that the General Council of the Judiciary it is not renewed by pure politicking. In private it would be seen and not seen.

-I trust more in public justice, you. It has always been said that we are all equal before the law. In addition, private judges would be unobjective with those who were not mutual. Come on, no country has private justice.

– But they exist arbitrations. Both an individual, the Chambers of Commerce and lawyers can pronounce in civil and commercial litigation. On the ‘United States against Microsoft’ process, the State hired the best private law firm. On the other hand, here in the trial of the ‘procés’ the prosecution said that the Declaration of Independence in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat. False.

-I insist, yours are fables. I believe in public justice. Where will you get the ordinary judges? I don’t even want to think about it & mldr; All doing justice to the rich. As i told you, I don’t think the private judges were fair or objective.

– In the public it is not that they are the personified judicial objectivity, friend. Look at you about Dolores Vázquez in the case of Rocío Wanninkhof. Look at the dutch From the Dussen who has spent 12 years in jail for two crimes of sexual abuse that he did not commit & mldr; and so on a long list.

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– Stop being seedy. Public justice has faced political corruption, the plot Gürtel, Urdangarin, Rato, the Pujol, Mario Conde, Fabra, Bárcenas, Correa, Villarejo, the ERE, Jaume Matas & mldr;

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– Yes, but it is necessary to pronounce, especially when the sentence arrives after a very long process. Must be avoided the ordeal of so many years of paperwork, Comings and goings, effort, resources, time and desire. By the way, what about Juan Carlos?

– That neither public nor private, buddy.


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