Londoners show their support for Ukraine during multicultural event Sunday

It was a show of support for Ukraine from London’s multicultural community Sunday afternoon.

Traditional Ukrainian culture took center stage as hundreds gathered for an event in support of Ukrainian people impacted by the war.

Hosted by the Polish Combatants’ Hall on Anne Street, the event included Ukrainian arts and culture, food, and crafts.

All proceeds went to the Red Cross in Ukraine.

It was also a chance for people to come together and share in their grief for Ukrainians in the war zone, or those fleeing their homeland.

“It’s wonderful that we’ve come together but we need more help, we know that. But as far as the world community, I thank London, and I thank the people I deal with on a daily basis in Old South London where I’ m a crossing guard. I will say one thing to Ukrainians, ‘Love Ykpaiha!’ said Walter Nowobranec, a Ukrainian Londoner.

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