London firefighters awarded medals of bravery for rescuing tenants from apartment fire

Seven London firefighters received medals of bravery for their life-saving efforts to rescue two people trapped in the basement of a burning building.

Captain Tracy Bradt, Captain Todd Broomhead, Captain Christopher Champagne, and firefighters Jason Timlick, Andrew Braatz, Paul Bray, and Craig Milliken were recognized with a Medal for Firefighter Bravery from Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Elizabeth Dowdeswell on Friday for their actions at an Egerton Street fire in 2017.

A raging fire that turned into a flashover on Friday, Dec. 8 2017, made the rescue of two tenants trapped in the basement of a multi-unit home a life-threatening one, according to a City of London news release.

One firefighter was trapped by the flames and had to call a “mayday” where others were mobilized to help.

The firefighters worked together though the dangerous conditions to successfully rescue the tenants.

“These firefighters showed extreme bravery and courage in the line of duty, under extremely dangerous and hazardous conditions, said Fire Chief Lori Hamer. “They put their own lives at risk in order to successfully rescue the trapped tenants. We are very proud of them – they are most deserving of the prestigious Medal of Bravery.”

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