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The Logitravel tour group has set up a new company destined to commercialize trips for the elderly in a year in which the Covid will mark the future of the company, since it has several open fronts: the application of an ERE in three of its subsidiaries and the negotiations with Viajes El Corte English for a possible merger.

Specifically, the company has established the company Senior Tourism Promotion Agency with a capital of 3,000 euros. Its corporate purpose is the organization, marketing and execution of travel programs with and without transportation for the elderly, as stated in the Official Gazette of the Mercantile Registry (Borme). Its sole partner is Aperture Travel (Logitravel’s parent company), which in turn belongs to the Tool Factory group.

This movement, “which has nothing to do with the possible merger with Viajes El Corte Inglés”, according to company sources, would fit more into a business model focused on the return of travel for the elderly beyond the Imserso program itself, according to industry sources.

It should be remembered that last September the suspension of the 2020/2021 season of Imserso trips, which It implies that its resumption will have to be foreseen for the following season; that is, the fall of 2021.

It must be borne in mind that this group is the first to be vaccinated and, therefore, will have less risk to travel this summer season, which is when the recovery of the tourism sector is expected to begin.

ERE and Logitravel

However, the creation of this new company collides with the launch of an employment regulation file in three of its subsidiaries (Your Travel Expert, Traveltino 2009 and Travelconcept) due to the tourist crisis caused by Covid.

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Since last week, the Logitravel ERE has been negotiated with the unions. Figures between 300 and 400 employees are shuffled, according to union sources. However, the company explains to Invertia that there are still no concrete figures and that it will depend on the negotiation.

According to sources consulted, it is also a “logical” move given the situation of the tourism sector. In fact, it is not the only company that has undertaken an ERE. A subsidiary of Tui in Spain or NH Hoteles also negotiates collective dismissals with union representatives.

VECI negotiation

These changes in Logitravel come in full negotiations for a possible merger between the group and Viajes El Corte Inglés (VECI). An operation that provides necessary synergies for both companies, very affected in their business by the coronavirus crisis.

Image of a travel agency El Corte Inglés.

In this way, Logitravel provides the digital distribution that department stores need so much and that, in addition, they have been accelerating in the group since the pandemic began. It would also add the connectivity of the hotel, cruise and air product.

While, for his part, VECI has a more traditional business model -with a strong presence in the sale of Imserso trips- and one of the most extensive networks of face-to-face travel agencies (600 points of sale). The company has more than 50 years in the sector and a good image for the consumer.

The unions are waiting for both companies to contact them once the negotiations are closed to find out how the merger affects the workforce.

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Also, Logitravel has already starred in another integration. Last December Smytravel, the tour operator online de Logitravel, and Soltour, the tour operator of the Grupo Piñero tourism company, agreed to their merger.

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