Lleida Esportiu, expelled from the Camp d’Esports

La Paeria has taken the drastic decision to expel the Lleida Esportiu of Sports Field. The agreement that authorized the use of the stadium by the descendant club of the EU Lleida has been declared extinct, as decided unanimously this morning by the City Council’s Management, Culture, Sports and Youth Commission. The council gives the entity one month to leave the facilities, so it will not even be able to finish the season at the Camp d’Esports, which is owned by the municipality.

“All the councilors have closed ranks to make a complex, delicate and not pleasant decision, but it was time to be brave for the good of the city. The image given by Lleida Esportiu in recent months has damaged the image of the city”, the mayor explained Miquel Pueyo.

Pueyo has been very hard with the Esteve brothers (Jordi and Albert), current owners of Lleida Esportiu, who plays for the Second RFEF. “The leaders of the last stage have managed this club that was our home patrimony in a nefarious and unacceptable way. We have to row hard to have a club that is an emblem of the city, that presents us with dignity in all areas” , it is finished.

The commission’s decision will be ratified in a plenary session on January 28. It will be from then on that Lleida Esportiu will have a month to look for a new home.


The rupture of the agreement signed in 2017 can be attributed to the non-payment of the payroll of the players and coaching staff and the non-payment to the Treasury and Social Security. Protests on and off the pitch against the Esteve brothers were a constant in recent times and recriminatory graffiti abounded on the walls of the stadium. The owners have hardly spoken in public about their criticized management.

The lowest point occurred on October 5 when the Civil Guard, in collaboration with officials from the Labor Inspection, entered the offices of the Lleida Esportiu as part of the Operation Strike 11, in which alleged crimes of Social Security fraud and money laundering are investigated.

Help from the Paeria

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Some businessmen have shown interest in taking over the reins of a club that carries debts of almost 10 million euros. It remains to be seen, then, what happens from now on with Lleida Esportiu and which club can occupy the Camp d’Esports facilities, located in the urban area of ​​Lleida. The best positioned team would be the Atlético Lleida, which plays in group 3 of the Primera Catalana, although it would be at the expense of maintenance costs.

In his speech, Miquel Pueyo called for the creation of a new football club in the city, “because there are fans. The time has come to make ‘foc nou’ and have another team in the city that represents us with dignity. From the Paeria we will help in everything that is necessary”.


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