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The living wage rate in Hamilton has been updated for the first time since 2019 to reflect how the cost of living has continued to rise.

According to the Ontario Living Wage NetworkHamilton’s living wage is now $ 17.20 per hour, up from an hourly rate of $ 16.45 two years ago.

The network calculates the rate based on major expenses such as rent, transportation, childcare, and food, as well as things like Internet service and “modest” recreational activities.

“New supports for families with children meant that living wage calculations were returning with reductions over 2019 rates,” the agency said in a press release Monday.

“However, we all know that the cost of living has not come down. Inflation has quadrupled since the beginning of 2019 and is at an 18-year high. “

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This year’s calculations take into account a weighted average between a family of four, a single parent with a child, and a single adult.

“It’s very much an evidence-based estimate of what workers need to earn,” said Tom Cooper, director of the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction.

“The minimum wage, on the other hand, doesn’t take any of that into consideration.”

On October 1, Ontario’s minimum wage rose to $ 14.35 an hour, but Cooper said it “doesn’t come close to what workers need to earn” to live and participate in the community, especially in different parts of the province.

“It does not reflect the fact that it is more expensive to live in Hamilton than it might be, say, somewhere like Windsor. But the living wage changes from one community to another as the cost of living increases. “

Ontario Living Wage Network has a list of 32 local employers who have signed up to pay their staff a living wage, the most recent being FirstOntario Credit Union.

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Cooper said they also hope to encourage the city of Hamilton to pay all of its workers a living wage, including seasonal employees like students.

“To their credit, they have gone halfway there,” he said. “All full-time and part-time workers in the city now earn a living wage, with the exception of student positions. That is why we believe that students should also earn a living wage. There are extraordinary costs associated with education … with rising housing and food prices. “

The call to pay employees a living wage is also spreading to Hamilton’s hospitals and post-secondary institutions.

Currently, reports that the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Hamilton is $ 1,449, which is a 13 percent increase compared to the prior year.

A recent Oxford Economics research study also found that Hamilton is the fifth least affordable North American city to buy a home, with Vancouver and Toronto the only other Canadian municipalities considered more expensive.

Here are the Ontario Living Wage Network living wage rates for 2021 for 23 Ontario municipalities, including the Peel region, which was recently added to the list starting this year:

Community Rate 2021 Increase
Durham $ 17.80 $ 0.80
Guelph $ 18.10 $ 1.10
Haldimand Norfolk $ 17.35 $ 0.77
Halton $ 20.75 $ 0.37
Hamilton $ 17.20 $ 0.75
Prince Edward of Hastings $ 17.95 $ 0.60
Kingston $ 17.75 $ 0.18
Leeds $ 18.25 $ 1.04
London $ 16.55 $ 0.35
Muskoka $ 18.55 $ 2.70
Niagara $ 18.90 $ 0.78
Northumberland County $ 18.80 $ 0.74
Ottawa $ 18.60 $ 0.20
Shell $ 19.80 NEW
Perth and Huron $ 17.95 $ 0.40
Peterborough $ 18.35 $ 0.72
Renfrew $ 17.40 $ 0.60
Sault St. Marie $ 16.20 $ 0.04
Simcoe $ 19.05 $ 1.04
Sudbury $ 16.98 $ 0.00
Thunder Bay $ 16.30 $ 0.09
Toronto $ 22.08 $ 0.00
Waterloo region $ 17.20 $ 0.85

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