Liverpool-Villarreal: The ‘reds’ suffocate the ‘yellow submarine’

  • Klopp’s team dismantled the ‘yellow submarine’ with two goals in three minutes in a game that they dominated from start to finish. The ‘reds’ exhibited an overwhelming superiority against an opponent who did not shoot on goal.

The wonderful crossing of Villarreal for the Champions is nearing its end. Yes one supernatural performance does not remedy it at the La Cerámica stadium next Tuesday, the team from Unai Emery will fall in the semifinals as in 2006. If then the Arsenal with the macabre penalty missed by Riquelme always in the memory, on this occasion the executioner also arrives from England. Liverpool dand Jurgen Klopp did not fail at Anfield (2-0) and points to the end of paris of May 28.

Little can be objected to the victory of the reds, so untied as in the last appointments. Liverpool is a team fearsome, attractive and devastating. Maybe you’re not in control City nor the mystique of Madridbut his talent and verticality make him a roller. When he’s on fire, he’s absolutely unstoppable. He knows it well Barcawho suffered a painful debacle at Anfield in that 4-0 on May 7, 2019 that left the downtrodden team without end Messi.

capital challenge

Villarreal did not take a poker, but it could have happened perfectly. It was him hardest challenge for the yellow submarine, which ran aground at Anfield. After knocking down the great classics of Italy and Germany, such as the Juventus and Bayern, the company with the English giant was a major challenge. Klopp did not repeat the mistakes of Allegri and Nagelsmann, who underestimated their rival and ended up in the gutter. The German coach maintained the same level of intensity as usual.

“We resisted what we could. It could be worst. It’s Liverpool, we know they are better, but at home it will be different.”

Unai Emery / Villarreal manager

With 3,000 yellow fans in the stands, Villarreal succumbed after resisting the first half. Without Gerard Moreno, who did not even sit on the bench, Emery opted for a 4-4-2 with Capoué and Coquelin providing muscle in midfield and Lo Celso positioned on the right. Chukwuezethe winger who annihilated Bayern in the quarterfinals, was awarded the starting spot at the top alongside Danjuma.

Thiago, sensational

With an approach similar to that deployed in Turin and Munich, Emery opted for another survival exercise against an inspired rival. It was soon seen that the reds would bear the brunt of the clash, with louis diaz sniper, ready to test Rulli from any location. A shot from the Colombian, which cost €45 million this January, it was the first local notice. Then came the attempts Henderson, Salah and Manéwho was about to open the scoring with a shot deflected by Albiol in the middle of a storm

Villarreal withstood with integrity and supreme order in the first half finished with a Thiago’s missile to the stick (m. 42). The former Barça player completed a magnificent match as head of operations for a team that aspires to all the titles. This is how the break was reached, with 63% possession and 13 shots by Liverpool for a single deflected attempt by the yellow club, conveniently crouched in search of a great opportunity that would never come.

Rulli’s mistake

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What did come were the local goals, the first with some fortune in a center of Henderson diverted by Estupiñán that was gobbled Rulli. Open the melon, he had to suffer to avoid a hecatomb. Mane signed the second after a pass from Salah.

In three minutes everything fell apart. And it could have been worse. A goal disallowed by Robertson and shots by Van Dijk and Luis Diaz were able to certify an irreversible win. Until 20 spikes Liverpool added. Villarreal, suffocated at Anfield, did not even shoot on goal. Now you will find a almost impossible comeback at home.

Liverpool, 2; Villarreal, 0

LIVERPOOL: Alison (6); Alexander-Arnold (7), Konaté (6), Van Dijk (6), Robertson (7); Henderson (7), Fabinho (8), Thiago (9); Salah (7), Mane (8), Luis Diaz (7). Coach: Jurgen Klopp (7). Changes: Keita (6) for Henderson (m. 72); Diego Jota (6) for Mané (m. 72); Origi (sc) by Alexander-Arnold (d. 81); Joe Gómez (sc) by Luis Díaz (d. 81).

VILLARREAL: Rulli (4); Foyth (5), Albiol (6), Pau Torres (6), Estupiñán (4); Lo Celso (6), Parejo (5), Capoué (5), Coquelin (4); Chukwueze (5), Danjuma (4). Coach: Unai Emery (5). Changes: Pedraza (5) by Coquelin (m. 57); Aurier (4) by Parejo (d. 72); Trigueros (5) by Estupiñán (m. 72); Dia (5) by Chukwueze (d. 72); Alcácer (sc) by Danjuma (d. 86).

GOALS: 1-0 (m. 52), Estupiñán, own goal; 2-0 (m. 55), Mané, to a pass from Salah.

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