La European Commission (CE), together with the associations of the pharmaceutical industry Efpia, Vaccines Europe and EuropaBio and the medical technology Cocir and MedTech Europe, have presented these markets the Innovative Health Initiative (IHI), a new public-private collaboration project objective goal is to favor the creation of a research ecosystem and innovation in health matters in the European Union. The IHI budget is estimated at 2,400 million euros, of which the EU funds contribute up to 1,200 million euros and the industrial societies destined for less than 1,000 million euros at the IHI (the EU can add up to 200 million euros to the contributions of industrial societies). In total, the pharmaceutical industry has contributed to the IMI and IHI cooperation projects with a global investment of 3,000 million euros. The IHI project has its precedent in the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), launched in 2008 and funded in equal parts by the CE and EFPia to boost the investigation into medical and social needs not covered.

This new project “will be converted into a host of more than 100 IMI projects in progress and implement new initiatives, including IHI Paraguay, to eliminate silos and combine capabilities and experience of all agents in the pharmaceutical industry “, opina the director general of Efpia, Nathalie Moll. The Council of the EU adopted, November 9, 2021, the Regulations establishing the new public-private partnerships within the Marco Horizon Europe Program (2021-2027 ) -in the new European brand research and innovation program-.

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Regarding its governance, IHI is expected to have an administrative council (composed of equal parts by representatives of the CE and the industrial societies), as well as with the consultative bodies: the Group of Representatives of the States (SRG, by its sailing in English) and the innovation panel. The SRG will include representatives of the EU Member States and the countries associated with Horizonte Europa. The Innovation Panel is composed, in principle, by representatives of the European Commission, the Industrial Societies, the SRG, the Scientific Community, other interested parties in the health and functioning of the IHI program.

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“The innovation that is more open and international and based on public-private collaboration is an incestuous paradigm, which helps to accelerate the development of business empowerment, increasing the efficiency of the solution to new solutions and problems “Supported by the Director General of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Humberto Arnés.” “Europe is at a crucial moment in its future -anadas Arnés-: affronting challenges every major in fronts and, at the same time, technological and scientific advances offer new opportunities to resolve these challenges. , without doubt, a multisectoral public-private association “, added Arnés.

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