Live beyond the ball

  • Espanyol coach Vicente Moreno is leading an educational awareness campaign aimed at grassroots football

  • Only 0.2% of federated young people become professionals. Experts insist on the need to look for concerns and “have a plan B.”

The statistics are compelling. only the 0.2% of federated youth They become professional footballers. In other words: only 1 in 500 reaches the elite. Making a living from the king of sports has never been easy and on many occasions false expectations which is ultimately traumatic. a good one training from the beginning it is essential to adapt to the circumstances and understand there is always live beyond the ball.

“Education and sport play the same game”. This is the summary of educational awareness campaign driven by the agency Promoesport, which is headquartered in 15 countries and represents more than 360 players. The 99.8% of young people can not make a living from football, so they have to accompany their path with others worries helps you complete your journey.

The values

The initiative promotes academic training and in values among the players of the lower categories, in order to find them personal and professional purpose perform various activities, combining sports exercise with training.

Vicente Moreno, the coach of the Spanish, This is one of the banner bearers of the project, which also has the participation of the commentator Alberto Edjogo Y Hiasint Ela, educational counselor and elected best u.14 soccer player in the world in 1996 after winning a tournament with the children of Espanyol.

dreams and reality

Then he played in Southampton, but retired at the age of 26. “I made a lot of money in the Premierbut I had enough time. I did not play, I did not have friends, family… After training that saved my life over and over was read books, learn english… helped me disconnect, to remember that he was something other than being a football player. My life is more important than football, ”reflects the former player, who encourages young people to“ find worries” beyond the ball.

The campaign insists distinguish between dreams and reality. That 0.2% weighs a lot and forces us to plan B. “I look back and remember teammates from clubs where I as the Valencia and the Levante. Of those soccer players who were 15 or 16 years old, only one or two made it through to the First Division. The doubt is always there. If you are not one of the elect, what will become of your life? ”, Points out Vicente Moreno, convinced that“ it is never too late ”to have a training.

“The doubt is always there. If you’re not one of the chosen ones, what’s going to become of your life? It’s never too late to practice. It’s easier to win the lottery than to be an elite player. word. “

Vicente Moreno / Coach of Espanyol

“It is important that not only the person concerned realizes this, but also the people around him. round. They need to help him have other worries than football. Certainly it’s easier for you to win the lottery to become an elite player ”, insists Vicente Moreno, who places the emphasis on the football player’s environment.

the frustration

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to the technician Massanassa he likes to remember his beginnings. Next to his town is the soccer school in which it is formed. “About 300 players go through there every year. Statistics say it in the last 35 years I just passed by First. When they ask me fathers when i see you children I do not want to be in the elite Killjoy, but I say ‘no’ to them for pure statistics “, explains Moreno.

The blue-and-white coach has the coach courses in the last piece of his stage as a footballer, “a sacrifice“what was it worth sorry. The frustration comes not only when the player falls by the wayside, but also when his career ends without a clear future. I read in a magazine England that 3 out of 5 Premier League footballers downfall 5 years after retirement. This is because they do not have enough training, ”he concludes.

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