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Thanks to a Regina dog rescue, four puppies were saved from a garbage dump about an hour northeast of the city.

For the last 7 years CC RezQs have been rescuing stray dogs from northern communities and finding them a loving home.

Their latest rescue came about after being tipped off about some puppies that were seen poking around a garbage dump with no sign of a mother dog.

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It was in early January when the province was in the midst of a cold spell, seeing temperatures in the negative 40’s. With that in mind, CC RezQs sprung into action to locate the pups and they brought their video camera along as well.

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After arriving at the dump, the team, with the help of two locals started their search and were able to spot the first pup after it poked his head from under some debris.

To keep themselves out of the frigid elements the dogs had found refuge in the remnants of an old rusty trailer.

Stephanie Senger is the Foster Coordinator for CC RezQs. She says it’s not uncommon for such young dogs to have their survival instincts kick in.

“Their instincts to survive always seems to outshine the elements they live around. It just allows them to figure out what they need to do. ”

After some extensive searching the crew were able to find three puppies. A return trip the next day brought one more pup into the mix for a total of four.

Senger is not sure if the dogs were born at the dump or dropped off there. There was no sign of any mother dog in the area.

“It was truly one of the hardest rescue days I had and I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of them. It’s the unknown that’s so hard, not knowing if we were going to find any puppies. Just the work it took to get them, every single one that we picked up was an overwhelming amount of emotion, ”Senger added.

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The dogs are believed to be 8-9 weeks old and seem to be a Pyrenees Shepherd mix. They managed to avoid any frostbite and are in great health after a few warm baths and a checkup at the vet. They will be placed in foster homes, then in the next 7-10 days be up for adoption on CC RezQs Facebook page.

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