Linus Steinmetz of Fridays For Future calls for lower voting age in Germany

Two days before the elections in Germany, it’s Fridays For Future. Thousands of climate activists plan to put pressure on chancellor candidates by protesting across the country. They want a fundamental change in German politics.

Fridays For Future climate activist Linus Steinmetz has a message:

“The Conservative government has decided to get out of coal by 2038, it is not enough, we have to get out of coal by 2030 and this is one of the main reasons why young people today are demonstrating in the streets for a new type of government. “

Earlier this year, the Karlsruhe court challenged the German government’s climate law by prohibiting it from shifting the burden of tackling climate change onto future generations.

This judgment was an important victory for Linus Steinmetz, one of the plaintiffs, but ironically, on Sunday he will not be able to vote because he is still only 17 years old.

Linus Steinmetz calls for the lowering of the voting age.

“We need more young voters because at the moment the majority of voters in Germany are quite old. To change that, to change politics in a more progressive way, we need young voters and that’s why we need a younger voting threshold too. “

In Germany, almost 60% of voters are over 50 years old. As long as they cannot vote, young people try to find other ways, such as demonstrations, to make themselves heard.

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