Line 12 of the Metro: Slim’s paycheck pays miles of bills in repair repair and crash victims

A Mexican magnate company Carlos Slim pagó miles of pesos in repair repair the victims of the crash of a tram Metro de la Ciudad de México with the condition that desistan of any demand, inform this March the diary El País.

The diary has access to affected repair repair shops with Cicsathe company of Slim responsible for the construction of tram of the CDMX metro who graduated in May of last year, giving 26 deaths and 80 injuries.

“The parties agree that the consequence of the approval and completion of the present repair agreement will be the extension of the criminal action in favor of Cicsaits affiliates, shareholders, advisers, guardians and employees, respect for any affection, consequence or fine given by the victim, directly or indirectly, with motive for the success “, said the document quoted by the diary, where also consignment 450,000 pesos ($ 21,600) per victim.

The repair mounts vary in agreement with the gravity de los casossostiene El Paísand agrees that one source is looking at the theme that oscillates between 400,000 and 6 million pounds (290,000 dollars) for each affected.

The periodic signal that the compensation agreement exemplifies also “the moral and physical data, as well as the psychological, legal, and therapeutic treatment of therapists and therapists”.

We also compensate the llamado “lucro cesante“, these are all the words that the victim must understand by his injuries or failure, the diary states.

Slim, 81 years old and Mexico’s richest man, compromised with the governor to pay for the repair of the tram that collapsed in the Metro of the capital. However, the empress said that the work did not have any visions in its construction.

The emperor is seen as approaching the president Andrés Manuel López Obradorwhich recently received the approval that pays 28,000 million dollars (1,350 million dollars) to the Hacienda public for the sale of a branch in United States of his company America Mobile.

Slim also participates in the construction of Train Mayaone of the projects emblem of the administration of López Obrador.

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