LILLEY: Protesters making crazy claims will only help re-elect Trudeau

It will be the exact opposite result the people protesting claim they want

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The Friendly City — as Belleville, Ont., touts itself — was anything but friendly for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday.

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Trudeau was yelled at, heckled, accused of all manner of crimes, and eventually had to cut his visit to the local farmer’s market short.

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Trudeau had just finished meeting with Belleville’s mayor, being presented with some donuts and was supposed to walk across the open air pavilion to meet with several vendors at the farmers market when the protest cut things short.

Video of the event shows Trudeau’s security detail quickly falling back to surround the PM in a close formation to keep the protesters away from him.

Roughly 100 people were said to be there, many of them waving flags with the now familiar cursing of the PM and his name. They also cursed him with their mouths.

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“You’re a piece of sh– criminal,” one man can be heard shouting.

Trudeau continued walking through the crowd, pausing for selfies and shaking hands with those who supported him. While he worked the crowd, there were chants of “traitor” and others yelling at him that he was a pedophile and a coward.

“You’re a pathetic Jew,” one woman can be heard yelling twice while trying to block Trudeau’s vehicle.

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Either these people are all Liberal plants trying to get Trudeau re-elected or they are seriously detached from reality. My fear is that it’s the latter and these people with only a passing familiarity with reality will still get Trudeau re-elected.

It’s understandable that people would be upset with the Prime Minister. He and his party have been in power for eight years and things are not going well.

We have a housing and affordability crisis that is hurting families across the country. If you own your home, your mortgage is costing more. If you rent, you are getting squeezed out. And as for the price of food, what cost you $500 two years ago, now costs you $600.

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No wonder people are angry, no wonder Trudeau was named the worst prime minister since 1968 in a recent Research Co. poll.

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None of that means he is a criminal or a pedophile. It’s become a point of faith for some fringe groups to believe that all politicians, except Donald Trump apparently, are part of a global pedophile sex trafficking ring.

It’s not true, it doesn’t make any sense, there is no proof, but this conspiracy theory that started in the United States has made it’s way into Canada. Calling for Trudeau to be arrested on false claims that he’s a pedophile makes the person yelling those claims look bad, not Trudeau.

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It makes all the people protesting against him, including those with legitimate grievances, look ridiculous.

Same with yelling at the RCMP officers protecting the PM that they should be arresting him because he’s a traitor or a criminal. On what grounds would they arrest him? What law has he broken?

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Sadly, it’s become a rallying cry for the left and the right to believe that any politician they disagree with needs to be arrested. I’ve heard the claim made plenty of times by people opposed to Trudeau but also by progressives opposed to Doug Ford or Scott Moe or Danielle Smith.

None of them have broken the law, we aren’t a banana republic yet and we don’t jail our political opposition.

We apologize, but this video has failed to load.

As for yelling that Trudeau is a “pathetic Jew,” those who want to protest the PM better practice good political hygiene. If you stand with anti-Semites, you become one by association.

Trudeau was run out of Belleville on Thursday but if there are many more demonstrations like that, with crazy and anti-Semitic claims, he’ll soon by returned to office for another term. The exact opposite result the people protesting claim they want.

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