LILLEY: Incompetence of Trudeau Liberals is on full display

The Trudeau Liberals have become the gang who couldn’t shoot straight with file after file falling apart for them.

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The Trudeau Liberals appear to be trying hard to make themselves out to be the most incompetent government in Canadian history. It seems that this is a government where memos are drafted, reports are written and nobody in charge reads them or is briefed.

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Take a look at the record over the past while. It’s not impressive. These are also the stories that they are admitting to, so imagine what we don’t know.

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Paul Bernardo being moved to a medium-security prison?

Oh, no, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino didn’t know about that at all, but his staff knew for three months and apparently didn’t tell him. On what planet does staff sit on explosive information for three months, then let their minister go out in public to say he didn’t know only to find out later on, his staff knew but didn’t tell him? Turns out, Trudeau’s office was also alerted to this news in March of this year and asked Mendicino’s office for information.

Don’t sell me this line that the staff in these offices are all too young to know who Bernardo was. Not all political staffers are twenty-somethings with no clue of the world. Plus, there is the bureaucracy, which is older, which would have known as well.

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But Public Safety has a track record.

This is one of the departments, perhaps the most important department, where the deputy minister and the minister were both sent briefing notes by CSIS on China targeting Canadian MPs and no one did anything. Bill Blair, who was minister in July 2021 when the memo was sent, said he was never told about it by CSIS, but CSIS tells a different story.

CSIS director David Vigneault, appearing before a Commons committee on Tuesday, stated that CSIS sent Blair an “issue management note” to bring the file to the attention of Blair, it’s just that Blair never read it. To hear Blair tell the story, if something is important, CSIS should show up in person and tell him, not send a pesky memo he has to read on his own.

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On that same memo, David Morrison, the man who was Trudeau’s national security advisor in the summer of 2021 and is now the top bureaucrat at Global Affairs Canada, told the same committee that he read the memo about MP Michael Chong being targeted but didn’t tell the prime minister about it because CSIS didn’t recommend that. Apparently, being a highly paid national security advisor means only following orders, not making decisions using your own judgment.

Sadly, Morrison is now the top diplomat in charge of Canada’s foreign affairs department. What could possibly go wrong?

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Which brings us to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which Canada has been a proud member of since 2017, contributing just short of $400 million to the second largest development bank in the world since then. Except on Wednesday, Bob Pickard, the Canadian who was head of global communications quit citing control by the Communist Party of China in the bank’s activities.

“As a patriotic Canadian, this was my only course. The Bank is dominated by Communist Party members and also has one of the most toxic cultures imaginable. I don’t believe that my country’s interests are served by its AIIB membership,” Pickard said in an online statement.

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Hours later, the Trudeau government hit pause on its activities in the AIIB and said they would conduct a review. Their own bureaucrats raised similar issues in 2019, a Commons committee chaired by former Liberal cabinet minister Wayne Easter issued a report on this matter in 2021, the Conservatives warned about these issues but the government ignored all of it.

These are the big issues.

Look also at the fact that cabinet minsiter Harjitt Sajjan said that he didn’t know about issues related to Afghan interpreters because he wasn’t checking his email. That Global Affairs Minister Melanie Joly’s department had a top bureaucrat attend a Russian garden party as a prop because no one looked at policy or checked their emails as Russia was invading Ukraine.

This is not a government that has it’s act together. They are either incompetent or lying, but strangely, the story they want us to believe is that they are all very bad at their jobs.


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