Light car sales fall 1% in April: Inegi

The Automotive industry The decrease in the sale of light vehicles continued during April, falling 1% compared to the same month of 2021, which adds 8 months to the decline, while it is placed at levels close to 2013.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (inegi), the sale of new light vehicles was 83,459 units, 1% lower than the number of units sold in April 2021, with 84,287, due to uncertainty due to the lack of inventory of units.

Mazda suffered a drastic drop of 88% in April, selling only 533 units, when the same month of 2021 placed 4,482 vehicles. Followed by Honda, a decrease of 40.6%, by placing 2,204 units; Ford 16% with 2,764 cars and Volkswagen down 14%, with 7,524 cars.

“The result for the month of April marks the fourth negative annual rate of 2022 and the eighth consecutive annual decrease that began since September 2021. Being close to the estimate, the data for the month of April continues to show the weakness of the market in the face of the low inventory availability,” said Guillermo Rosales, president of the Mexican Association of Automotive Dealers (AMDA).

The light vehicle market in April was slightly higher than expected AMDA, which stood at 81,840. The estimation observed a percentage difference of less than 2% with respect to the observed data of 83,459 units. This level of commercialization is still positioned below sales in the same month of 2019, being 15% lower.

In historical comparison, it is positioned at levels close to those registered in 2013, he said.

For the coming months, the forecast of uncertainty regarding the level of supply continues in general, facing as an additional factor the deterioration of the national and international economic environment, the leader added.

Therefore, the president of the AMDA He foresaw that the sales expectation for 2022 in the automotive market would be around 1 million 15,000 units, which is “a marginal advance, placing the market at a level similar to that reached in 2021.”

In the first quarter of 2022, the market continues below the selling levels of 2019 at 21.9%, with a significant gap for its recovery, Rosales said. So the market stood at 336,842 units accumulated, this was 2.4% lower than January-April 2021, with a sale of 8,285 units less.

“The uncertainty in the inventory persists, as well as the inflationary attack on the consumption side, with a high level in the price indices that reflect annual advances, both the general one of 7.72%, and of vehicles 9%, with data to the first fortnight April 2022”, he added.

Toyota maintains positive inertia and achieved its best April in history by selling 9,478 units, thus positioning itself as the third unitary brand in the ranking of the automotive industry in our country, with an accumulated market share so far in 2022 of 9.9 percent.

Regarding the sale of hybrid electric vehicles, 1,706 units were sold, representing 18% of the total units in the month of April. Thus, Toyota accumulates a total of 6,486 hybrid units sold so far this year, which add to the firm’s electrification strategy, both in Mexico and in the world, which seeks to reduce CO2 emissions and eliminate them from the life cycle of products by 90% by 2050.


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