Liga MX points to another saturated schedule in 2022

As happened in 2021, with a calendar saturated with matches for the dates FIFA, 2022 looks tight for the clubs of the MX League. Mikel Arriola, executive president of the league, announced the official start and end dates of the tournaments Closure and Opening, which should leave gaps for the confrontations of the national teams and a free window for the concentrations towards the Qatar World Cup.

The tournament of the first half of the year, the Closing 2022, will start on January 7, 8 and 9 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), a little earlier than in 2021, when matchday 1 was played between January 8 and 11. The official role of the teams to know the order of locations and visits has not yet been released.

The Closing 2022 It will have two double dates during days 8 and 15, respectively, which end up becoming weeks of three games each. These double days will be held between January and March, which are the months in which the Mexican team will close its activity in the Octagonal Final from Concacaf to look for a pass to the World Cup.

“What can be seen today in the 18 owners is that great commitment they have with the National selection (Mexican), we are facing a unanimous approval of the calendar ”, said Arriola during the presentation of the dates.

The end of Closing 2022 It will be on Sunday, May 29, almost coinciding with last year, which closed on May 30. That is, the entire month of May will be for the participation of the playoffs of the MX League, including the playoff series.

After a summer where the Leagues Cup, Champions Cup and the All-Star Game in the United States, Mexican clubs will return to activity between July 1 and 3 for the start of the tournament Opening 2022, which belongs to the second semester.

This tournament is the one that will be the tightest, since no later than November 14, all national teams on the planet must report with their respective countries prior to the world Cup, so all professional leagues must have already concluded by then, remembering that for the first time in history a World Cup will be played in the months of November and December, due to the high temperatures of Qatar in summer.

For this reason, the tournament Opening 2022 will have three double days, one more than the Closing 2022. It will be dates 5, 9 and 14 that will have this intense activity, in addition to there will be a break per date FIFA in September, two months before the world Cup. For the president of the MX League, the most negative effect is that player stops and absences impact fewer goals, as happened during the 2021 Apertura.

“Before the regular season closed, there is a direct relationship between dates FIFA and the number of goals, we could check it with the dates FIFA triples that had never been made and that is where the days with low goals occurred. We also have to assume that we have a World Cup year, we are going to have another two or three triple dates and without a doubt that may affect that we run out of at least half of the starting footballers ”.

Due to the rush to close the leagues, the final of the Opening 2022 It will be on November 6, emphasizing the tightness of the calendar, since in comparison the current Apertura 2021 tournament will conclude on December 12, that is, little more than a month of greater margin between one year and another.

Mikel Arriola confirmed that the playoffs will continue to be played at least during the following season 2022-23, although later there would be a couple of changes: the reduction of foreigners in the first division teams and the return of promotion and relegation.

According to the president of the MX LeagueIt will be in 2023 when the reduction of 10 players not trained in Mexico (NFM) to nine and also from eight who can be playing at the same time on the court to seven. This modification was delayed, since it initially had to be activated from the 2022-23 season, but the Club Assembly reached this agreement due to the difficulties of setting up the squad that they have had between 2020 and 2021.

Similarly, he confirmed that at the beginning of 2023 a special admission commission will analyze that the champions of champions of the Expansion League comply with financial solvency and infrastructure requirements to be approved and make the leap to the MX League. Therefore, it is confirmed that there will be no promotion at least in the summer of 2022.

“From the decision to put the pause on promotion and relegation, criticism has been generated regarding the competitiveness of the league, but the objective was precisely to maintain that competitiveness and prevent cases of teams that rose and generated a systemic risk for not having controls financial What has made this pause is to determine what are the requirements to return to promotion and also, for a team to receive certification it will have to comply with financial fair play, with a stadium, headquarters and city to receive the first division.


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