How do the people of Kabul experience the return of the Taliban to power? **A young Afghan journalist living in Kabul delivers a chilling testimony on euronews, under cover of anonymity. **

“Yesterday, when I got home from the office, I went to buy some basic necessities”, says the Afghan journalist contacted by euronews. “The salesman said to me: go home because no man came with you and the Taliban are here now. You don’t wear a proper hijab or burqa. And without a burqa the Taliban can hurt you.”

“I thought I had to hurry and went home immediately. _I could not imagine that Kabul would collapse so quickly and without any resistance. The Americans predicted that Kabul could fall in seven days, “she continues.

And this young Afghan woman to add: “There is no safe place in Kabul at the moment. We are staying at home and not taking the risk of leaving home. The majority of the population does not like the Taliban. She thinks that the States- United and the Afghan government betrayed them. “

Many Afghans, mainly in the cities, fear that the Taliban would impose the same ultra-rigorous version of Islamic law only when they ruled their country, between 1996 and 2001.

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