Lidl sweeps away the ultimate stain removal product: it fits in your pocket and costs € 19.99

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Lidl has set out to solve all the problems of its customers by launching multiple products related to housework, such as hot air fryer, the pocket sewing machine or the inflatable mannequin for ironing clothes. Not satisfied with the German chain, it has decided to continue with its weekly surprises by launching a product to wash clothes from anywhere, without a plug and with the ideal size to keep it in your pocket: the ultrasonic stain remover pen.

An ideal product for both the most clueless and the most impeccable people, because the brand’s pencil CleanMaxx It allows dirt to be descaled by separating it from the fabric using ultrasonic vibrations, in a similar way to electric brushes.

It’s cordless, battery-operated, and includes a pad as a base where dirt is transferred. Includes a USB-C cable to charge the battery 800 mAh. It has a price of 19,99 euros.

Lidl Ultrasonic Pencil

Lidl Ultrasonic Pencil

The model and color of the product may vary when purchased. Its approximate measurements are 2.5 x 2.5 x 17.5 cm.

Lidl recommends applying a little water and detergent to make the stain easier to remove. But without a doubt, being so small, it is an article that can get you out of trouble at some point.

The CleanMaxx brand is the same brand that developed the ironing mannequin and is helping Lidl establish sales records with these new products. In addition, the products prevent the most common problems from occurring when washing clothes, from shrinking. This will not be possible because it is not necessary to put the garments in the washing machine.

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