Liam Gallagher opens his nose after falling from a helicopter

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Former Oasis star Liam Gallagher was struck and bruised after falling from a helicopter Friday night.

The accident occurred after his headlining performance at England’s Isle of Wight Festival.

So check this out. I fell out of the helicopter last night. You couldn’t say it all right. Said RnR (rock and roll) is dead. Keith Moon (late The Who drummer) eat your drum skin. Come on, you know LG x (sic), ”he tweeted on Saturday, alongside a photo of his bandaged nose.

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Fans rushed to see the singer, and one person asked Liam how he managed to fall out of a helicopter and escape with only a cut to his nose and a split lip, to which he replied, “Who knows?”

When asked by a fan how far he’d fallen, Liam joked, “100,000 feet bumbaclart (sic).”

The Now That I’ve Found You hitmaker even teased that his bloody nose will appear on the cover of his next album, tweeting: “I got the Nxt album cover photo, come on, LG x (sic) “.

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But the Brit also took a moment to reflect on his lucky escape, adding: “Life is precious, let’s make it happen. I’m not playing around with it, we can only do it once I’m in trouble. style, come on, you know I don’t have time for balloons Balloons knots (sic) “.

He also thanked the fans who saw him perform on the festival’s main stage, calling the crowd “crazy.”

“Isle of White (sic) you were crazy. I love you, stay safe and remember it’s not where you are from, but how many crowns (beers) you can have while eating LG x squishy peas,” he wrote.

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