Levi Díaz: “To win Junior Eurovision you don’t just have to sing well”

At 13, the Catalan (from Cornellà) Levi Diaz You already know what it is like to experience the excitement of a television final. He felt it when it was proclaimed winner of ‘La voz kids 6’, where he fell in love with the audience and the ‘coaches’ with the ballad ‘Never enough’, and this Sunday, December 19, he will experience it again, now as a Spanish representative in Junior eurovision, the children’s version of the famous music festival, which TVE-1 broadcasts from 4:00 p.m.

“I do not think about the position I get, but that the message of my song arrives. Although of course, if I am in a good position, much better”, jokes to EL PERIÓDICO this pre-adolescent from sweet and powerful voice on stage whose passion for music was born precisely thanks to television, watching international competitions such as the British ‘X Factor’ or ‘The voice’ from Holland. “I was looking at others a lot, but I never thought it would be possible for me to sing. Nobody in my family did it,” says this young man who is studying piano in the Taller de Músics from Barcelona where Rosalía was trained and taking vocal technique classes with Miguel Manzo.

From ‘To laugh’, the song that he will perform this Sunday in Paris, this year’s junior Eurovision venue, highlights that “it is super catchy, positive and with a message of freedom.” “We are going to create together / A new world, full of colors / A roller coaster of emotions / Open the soul and fly, the heart rises / Open the windows to a new life”, says part of his optimistic lyrics, which invites us to regain hope: “We want to create a revolution of feelings, because we have had a very bad year. We want to make a revolution and turn those bad feelings into good ones. To live life. Music and art can change the world “, he emphasizes.

A good children’s record

The piece brings together percussion sounds from the world and Latin instruments, linked with electronics and pop. A more moving song than the ones we used to hear from Levi in ​​’La voz kids’. “I was the one who said I wanted something different, get out of my comfort zone“, he acknowledges. The young man is convinced that the melody will invite the audience to move, as will the choreography created by Vicky Gómez (‘OT’) that the four children who will accompany him on stage will dance: Lucía, Violeta, Sergio and Juan Diego.

Spain has a remarkable track record in the children’s festival winners (as opposed to the adult version). Of the six times he has participated (he went 13 years without doing it, until he returned in 2019), he has achieved a victory (Maria Isabel, 2004, with ‘Before dead than simple’); two second placesSergio, with ‘From the sky’, in 2003, and Antonio Jose, with ‘I bring you flowers’, in 2005); two bronzesMelanie, ‘Mars’, 2019, and Soleá, ‘Palante’, 2020), and a fourth place (Dani Fernández, with ‘I give you my voice’, in 2006).

Levi is not afraid of any of his 18 rivals. Or “companions” from other countries, as he prefers to call them. “If all the styles were equal I would think that some song would rival mine a bit, but it is not like that.” Furthermore, he is convinced that he is going to enjoy himself. “We are all going to have a good time. The position we achieve does not depend on us. It is not just singing well, but there are many things, such as luck,” he says.


The boy is aware that a contest like this is “a good place to boost the career” for someone like him, who dreams of going to study music and science in the US, because he would love to be a pilot. At the moment, to release an album, he says that “we still have to wait a bit”, and he does not rule out that some song was in Catalan, although in that language what he likes to interpret the most are ‘nadales’ (Christmas carols).

Unlike the senior edition of the contest, in this the audience of each country can vote (free and ‘online’) for their own candidacy. The voting They will open on Friday, December 17, two days before the final, on the official website JuniorEurovision.tv. There viewers will find the 19 nominations, including the Spanish one, and will have to choose their three favorite pieces.

Voting will close just before the final begins (commented in Spain by Tony Aguilar and Julia Valera) and will then reopen for 15 minutes. The public’s choice accounts for 50% of the ranking. The other half of the final result is decided by a professional jury.

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19 competitors

Aside from Levi, the other contenders for the crystal mini-microphone are also children between the ages of 9 and 14: Anna Gjebrea (Albania), Sona AZizova (Azerbaijan), Deni y Marti (Bulgaria), Enzo (France), Pauline (Germany), Maiú Levi Lawlor (Ireland), Alinur Khamzin & Beknur Zhanibek (Kazakhstan), Ike y Kaya (Malta, Ayana (Netherlands), Give MusicNorth macedonia), Sara James (Poland), Simon Oliveira (Portugal), Tanya Mezhentseva (Russia), Jovana y DunjaSerbia), Olena Usenko (Ukraine), Elisabetta Lizza (Italy), Maena (Armenia) and Nikoloz Kajaia (Georgia).


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